Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Make me vlog famous!

So I have finally decided that Vlogs are my calling and if you haven't watched me totally bust on myself and act like a complete freak you can watch those  herehere, and here

So this is my calling! But it is a little difficult doing them every single day.

my dogs need mommy time

I have to talk to my peeps on the phone about nothing that matters

I guess I have to cook dinner for my fiance.

so freaking needy! he like has to eat everyday

gosh! WTF

I sort of have to do laundry so I don't smell like a foot everyday

Maybe my house needs cleaning because I don't want to live in Taco Bell and KFC bags all over the place

I have to shower

I just may work out!

Or I will eat this entire bag of Sour Patch kids.

ya that sounds better. 

So I guess I have to be an adult and do adult life things, so I am going to post new videos once a week! and may spice it up and give you two videos!

just maybe

I wanna know what you would like to see! 

What would you like me to explain?

How hard do you want me to humiliate myself for your pleasure?

I said pleasure


Throw some grand ideas this way!


Nhart said...

Your hilarious!! I can't see what your next video has in store. I tend to watch them on my phone with the girls at work during lunch

Bethany Scruggs said...

I LOVE VLOGGING! I am telling you - we need to get on one together! What editing software do you use? I don't understand YouTubes.

Kirby Johansen said...

How to be a good sexretary???