Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Lady Gaga was at the Tacoma Dome last night!!!!

I effin love her! I think her music is amazing her message is fantastic, she just launched a homeless shelter helping group Regeneration, which is teamed up with Virgin Mobile and last night she called a random person in the audience (if you texted a number you were entered) and since the guy answered the phone call she donated $5,000 to help a homeless shelter. 

She gave speeches in between shows about loving yourself and how you are "born this way" just be happy and live life without "giving any fucks" she had a black Jesus...no joke...this guy dressed up and all night she was like, "Black Jesus when people talk bad about you, do you give any fucks?" He shakes his head no, and she responds, "even black Jesus doesn't have a fuck to give what people think" 

is it weird that it touched me? Those words just gave empowerment like "I am going to do and be who I want and just not give any fucks"  

Thank you black Jesus.

Alright, on that note! Getting ready!!!

I look like a bitch in this picture but here was the outfit!! I Gaga-'d out!!

SHOES!!! my feet were effin killing me, luckily I had this fantastic man next to me who would let me lean on him from time to time, no way was I taking them off in the Tacoma Dome...I would be afraid I would contract an STD from the floor, this place is DIRTY!

The make up! I started doing brights because 2 years ago when I went, I was in purple and black, and spaced I was in gold/black/white so I touched up the top with gold but left the pink and blue, still turned out cool, it's Gaga! I can be weird and mismatched!

She did have a Unicorn Hooker ticket package....if the shoe fits...

I didn't really wear it, my dad said it looked like a dildo on my head

Tristan in her nudey Gaga outfit

My sister Sylena, I didn't have much for her to wear so I just put her in something bright, and she is 16 she doesn't need to be looking as skanky as the rest of us.

My loves!

Gaga came out on a big effin horse wearing this crazy medieval looking outfit and it was just fantastic! i got a short video but no pictures as the lighting really screws up my iphone camera. I need to invest back into a real camera cause last night sucked for taking pics and we got so close to her it was amazing but the pictures white her out cause her outfits with the lights :(

She came out of this castle and it was just amazing, then for Born This Way, she had this big egg with legs on the side, so basically looked like a pregnant woman with her legs open and she popped out of the vag of this egg thing, it was just crazy she is so creative and it just makes it fun and not like she is just up there singing she really is performing

Her grand entrance!!!

This concert definitely out did her's 2 years ago but here are some old pics, do you like the outfit 2 years ago or last night, I had to "grow up" a bit so that's why i didn't get as crazy as a few years ago.

2 years ago?? or this year was better?

Happy Tuesday!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Turning over a new leaf!


I finally am on my own laptop!!!

ok it may not be a big deal to you bishes, but to me...that is huge!! I haven't been able to use my own laptop since October!!!

Don't worry I called suicide prevention lines everyday to make sure I kept my sanity!

Anyways, now i can finally get back on the blog train again cause I don't have to worry about my dad reading what I talk about since I am sure he isn't at all interested in the word choice on here.

f#$k that.

When I got my laptop i first went to the ever popular photobucket and started deleting every picture of that slimeball loser I was married too.

yes delete. forever. no more.

I also went through all of my pictures on my computer and there will never be his face to grace this laptop ever again.

Some think I sabotaged my marriage and I don't really care, to those of you who have been there from the beginning, some of you know that he hit/slapped/pushed/and pinned me down while on our honeymoon...I don't put up with that shit. Also, now to learn he has been stealing my money from "our" account, he had been writing checks and placing money aside before we were married! 

So on that note. Fuck you girls that think I sabotaged this and I love you girls who have given me the strength and comfort to get through all of this, your stories mean so much to me!

Turning over a new leaf!! 

I have that wonderful new boyfriend! I finally got to talk to him from the ship! he called me on Wednesday and I couldn't help but do the crazy I am a psycho dork dance when I heard his voice on the other line. 

Also, this weekend my mom and sister are coming over to bring me all my goodies from Spokane, I can put all that behind me and start over fresh back in Seattle!!!

Then... MONDAY!!

LADY GAGA will be here!!! My little sister and girlfriend will be going to get GAGA-fied!!

I guess this post is more like a re-cap and I am too excited about having my computer back to me i can't even think straight!

Have a fantastic weekend!!! I will be fresh on Monday!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

4 days in HELL!

I want to thank all of my instagram lovers!!!!!

I put out my notes of me on my deathbed with a sore throat, full body aches, night sweats, chills, insomnia, seeing baby unicorns, etc. 

no one wants to experience that...

well possibly the unicorns that was the best part of this whole thing

Well since I started my new job as most jobs there is a 90 day policy before you get benefits, I thought, "ok I can deal with that, I won't get cobra, I'll be fine"

Stupid b%$#h.

Here you go throw on the strep throat with everything else on top. 

It was a sickness cocktail and I am 20 days shy of my 90. This was awesome. I laid in bed from Friday at 6 until Monday..all day..doing nothing...

oh wait! i did try everything my insta-lovers told me too!

Eat Marshmallows- ugh didn't work (because strep is worse)
Drink Alka-seltzer-ugh didn't work (because it was strep)
Put an onion around your bedroom- ugh didn't work out (because my dad freaked out and thought it smelled disgusting in my room and made me throw it away. Who knows that could have cured my strep)

I broke down went to a crappy walk in clinic that my broke ass could afford, they take a look before they swab they look at me like I am crazy and the nurse says, "Sweetheart your throat has puss pockets as well as the back of your tongue"

"Well that explains a lot"

They swab, come back not even 5 min and write me a prescription for lidocaine to help with the pain and penicillin

I couldn't drink that crap fast enough it was amazing and Tuesday morning I woke up my throat was back to it's perfect pink with a very tab bit of swelling. 

be gone disgusting puss pockets from hell! 

now I thank god the boyfriend is gone, he would have been like "Ya I thought you were cute until i realized you were diseased"

I did in fact do some pinterest things I wanted to try

I think this takes more than one application, but I was not disappointed when it was running down my face onto my lips. I was pissed when it dropped onto my keyboard and now some of my buttons are sticking. 

And it looks like baby shit smeared all over your face.

So if you don't mind that I recommend trying it.

Yes that is monistat chafing gel. Boy I was happy when the checkout person was a younger dude who I unfortunately went to school with, while dressed with 1 leg up 1 leg down sweat pants, my dad's t-shirt and no bra. 


I couldn't tell you how this looks because I was too damn sick to put it on my face. but it does look nice in the bowl.

Last but not least

Source: twitter.com via Taylor on Pinterest

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! ya right! That was not happening, I was stuffing my face with as much popsicles and ice cream I could get my hands on to stop the devil in my throat. 

I may try this after I am 100% better, but I hate working out and love being skinny naturally.

Yes I am being a snob cause I haven't had any human contact in 4 days.

I did some awesome pinning though of gorgeous girls with perfect hair and perfect make up while i brushed some puke chunks out of mine. 

That was the highlight of my weekend and my Monday night!

Back at work today!!! Planning on looking fabulous to show stupid strep HE DON'T OWN ME!!!

Monday, January 7, 2013

New Years....Changed my life!

January 5!!!! it seems like yesterday I was clubbing it up at the all time famous, Tia Lou's in downtown Seattle with my best girlfriends.

Kaitlyn and I getting our amazingness on!

You know that feeling you get when you know you look fucking hot?
Ya i got that feeling and I don't care if that's big headed, I looked HELLA FINE!!!

I was complaining a bit to my best girly, Calle about how I am alone on New Years, everyone is going to be making out at midnight and the most action I have gotten is waking up to my pomchi licking me in the mouth wanting to go take a shit in the morning.


So Kaitlyn and I head towards downtown to party the night away!!

Babes-a- licious
 My hot lover pants, Calle

So I am complaining about my lack of life right now and in walks her friend Erika, with her boyfriend, her brother, and her brothers friend

Her brother and brother's friend both with no dates and looking fly but the friend was in this sweet ass leather jacket, Calle turns to me and is like "Your team!" in my head I am like "WINNING!!!!!"

I immediately call dibs on leather jacket so none of the other hoes there would think they could swoon over him.

oh ya, I am that girl

We head to Tia's private booth, free drinks all night and much much much confetti

I made my new best friend, Taylor...she had a baby 6 weeks ago and looked absolutely amazing but I know she couldn't wait to get home to be with her precious baby girl.

So all night I went as Tay-Woww and she was Tay-bay bay!

I just hang out with sexy girls all the time!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The confetti just burst and we were right underneath it!!! it's going to be very hard to clean up! it was in our hair and our faces, places I don't even want to mention but when I was showering the next day my bathtub had some confetti in it.

Leather Jacket hottie and I kiss at midnight!

Sparks fricken started flying! amazing kisser, amazing hottie, amazing everything!

Fucking sexy!!!! 

How in the hell did I get so lucky?! Maybe because I had the shittiest year of my life! and now I get the best cause i deserve the best?!

oh Ya!

Leather Jacket is named Cody.

Cody and I have spent everyday together since New Years and it is the most complete, wholesome, life changing feelings I have never felt before.

you guys can think it is crazy since it has only been 4 days, but they say when it happens it happens. 

January 4, Cody tells me he has to go to Alaska for his fisherman's job in the Bering Sea for a few months!!!


I just get this amazing feeling with the most perfect individual i could ever imagine. he is leaving now for a few months! No time limit. Not like, "ok i'll be back by March or April.." no just when they are done they are done.


Well since I know what I feel and he is totally freaked out as well about how these feelings have risen to the surface like that. So we decided we are officially dating and I am going to wait for him to get back. I am counting down the days until I see him again, but ladies....

this is it!

Last kiss before he left

he sent this to me from Alaska, aww my sweet sexy BOYFRIEND!!!