Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fireworks, F@#$, and...Painting

Brandon and I spent our Fourth on the third, best idea ever so today I can spend my hangover, not working, catching up on le blog and watching countless hours of Law and Order SVU

Let's just start with whatever will be posting today or tomorrow FIREWORKS!!!

Whenever I get invited to a party in my opinion even though they always say they don't need you to bring anything...seriously you better bring something if I ever invite you to a party at my house. Until I am rich fat will bring a party favor

so on that note i of course turned to our handy dandy Pinterest, which made me look totally awesome as most people at this party were 40+ and not too into pinterest. look like I made up the drink all on my own of course I didn't take credit for it 

This is what mine looked like

This is what I was going for

NOWHERE in Spokane sells Starfruit

and half the people have ever even heard of starfruit....Was I just brought up broad or is starfruit seriously an unknown fruit?

I bought a pineapple instead and used a cookie cutter, looked a little frayed but poured 2 bottles of arbor Crest Riesling with a few shots of Brandy, and 2 cups of seltzer water

Orgasm in your mouth. Definitely made me feel good when I was talking my empty glass with all the fruit and people were begging to empty out the soaked now 'Spodi' fruit.

I don't think I have ever gotten that drunk off of wine. I felt a-m-a-z-i-n-g this morning...when I woke up at 11:00am


I have joined the band wagon of The Fifty Shades of Grey.


Do you think they will actually make a movie?

if they do I will opt to play Anastasia!!!

Pick me! pick me! pick me!

But instead of calling me 'Ana' call me 'Nastia'  I think that fits the profile perfectly

Source: via Erica on Pinterest

I love how this book has changed me and my friend personal lives. Seriously I went and bought a riding crop, some cuffs, some hot wax...oh wait that wasn't in it...? ok well I may have added that part

I can not wait to start reading the second and third one then turn my bedroom into Mr. Greys house but instead I will have to call it "Butter's Blunders!"
my last name is Butterfield....

Just wanted to make sure that was clear and I wasn't a weird-o

So the ones who have already read the whole series, no one say anything or I will come and punch you in the face if you give anything away!

But honestly how many of you have boosted your sex life? it is seriously like the best teacher and I do see an actual therapist and when we got on the subject of sex first words out of his mouth was "Have you read Fifty Shades of Grey"  my mouth dropped and he seriously recommended that to boost that part of my life...well Mr. Therapist it already has. 


I love my fiance oh so much since I have had bad wedding jitters more like stress about the little thing that keep coming up. I decided to paint my kitchen window. My house definitely has a 'cabin' feel to it and I like open, vaulted ceilings...blah blah blah...I painted our glorious kitchen window white and then a red trim, how perfect for the 4th of July as well. it is still wet and I am too anxious to post so you will see my window later on Twitter

Hope everyone had a Happy 4th, good reading, and do what make you happy!