Wednesday, August 31, 2011


It's at my house and I decide I will be a nice "house-girlfriend"..since I don't have a ring yet..

I'm in the kitchen boiling the oil getting the wings breaded and pickles for some nice football food
who doesn't love Franks Hot Sauce?

Love this stuff!!!

I make all the wings, breaded nice looking and smell delicious!

My blonde came out

I poured water into the pan..

the grease hit my forearm burnt the entire elbow to wrist and part of my thumb...i have 8 guys in my 

living room and I start crying!!!

finally bandage the wound up and start to finish the deep fried Pickles...

My boo boo wrapped in saran wrap and's recipe

Now my arm is burning but wrapped need to get to cooking...


This is the worst smelling thing ever!!!

My girlfriend Melissa is taking me to rite aid to get a cast and some ointment

Melissa was the best nurse ever!!!!

Now I just need some candies and kisses and it will make all the pain go away

Goodnight Bloggers

End of my Tuesday!!

My wine night with the girls was boring amazing!!!
I come home and there is this glorious box and bottle of wine sitting on my kitchen table..

Hmm...can anyone guess what is in the box...DSW ring a bell
I was so excited I couldn't wait to get it open and see what was inside...

OMG! He didn't! He couldn't! but he did...My boyfriend bought me these shoes that I had been eyeballing about a week ago... I was in shock, he is by far the best man ever.

So girls wine night consists of basically comfy clothes and sipping only the finest vino, found at your local fabitty fab grocery store..or World Market

now I can't wear my new shoes
at least now this morning I can wear them with a cute new put together outfit

8 girl's came to Shizz's house, we drank mostly white wine but I had to bring the
  red a nice smooth half merlot half cabernet sauvignon.
"Working Girl Wines"

I gave you the vague stuff on what our "Wine Night" chats talk about...but I have to keep the secret on here of the real conversations

the end of my night...

It was a great time, home a little late, but had to get my beauty sleep so I can wear those amazing shoes today!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

TuEsDaY's WiTh TaYlOr!!!

GOOOOOOD MORNING ALL MY BLOGGER FRIENDS!!! It is starting off to be a beautiful morning here in "Spokavegas" (;

Tuesdays are officially my Wine nights! Girls nights!!! A group of us gets together and switches off on who's house we are going to meet up to drink wine and talk about all that girly stuff...

football draft season
why they don't pick up after themselves
why we have a weird fungus thing growing on our feet (oh wait) scratch that, i'm the only one with a funky foot

I am not one to complain about thigs my boyfriend doesn't do, because it is honestly the most perfect relationship i could ever be in and I have an infinite bliss off amazing-ness to wake up to every morning


the tube of toothpaste is squeezed from the middle
clothes are on the floor instead of the hamper
(because we all know you can wear a shirt a few days in row...) 

I have been working my ass off at the gym...go to the coffee stand and he already bought my coffee...i literally just want a diet water!..but a Mocha Milkshake is already paid for...i can't let that $3.50 go to waste..can I 
now which one looks more point exactly.

Back to TUESDAY's!!!

I look forward to this every week!!!

I think you should all get a day where it is just girls...I know my boyfriend and most of my friends man cubs are getting 

Fantasy Football Draft ready. I don't want to be any part of that. I will watch football and cheer on my SAINTS!!

happy tuesday everyone!!!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bachelorette Party on Steroids


I threw a bachelorette party together for my friend, Megan who recently moved to Spokane and doesn't know that many people like I do. She asked me this favor on Sunday and I needed to throw it the next Saturday....crunch time..


IDEAS? What should I do, of course I know a bachelorette party couldn't be fun without having an abundance of penis's..

I think this is the only time girls actually like having a million wieners in their face

Penis Candy necklace..check

Penis shot necklace...check

I wasn't sure what to do..i know there were going to be drunk girls but what do i start with to get this drunk night happening?


The beautiful Diana with Miss. Lola

I must have had a little wee too much Pink Panty Droppers
18 cans of beer 
1 bottle everclear
1 bottle tequila
                                                                          1 1/2 jugs, pre-made pink lemonade

Amber was feeling the B.O.B  Battery operated boyfriend

and of course suction cup steve...(mind you I am not using was merely for  the party's sake)

of course the bachelorette had to get "douched" in the dildos

I had a representative from 

My consultant name was Heidi and she was an absolute doll!!

Some fun ideas for a bachelorette party that she instilled in my head! 

~~~Adult themed charades~~~
Guests act like like a "booty call" "Pocket Rocket" "Stripper"
I think you get the picture

The host played a story game where we passed a secret bag with a "prize" in it the story went along with some dirty things that had to do with passing the bag to the left or right, at the end of the story whoever had the bag got to keep the prize.

Then the Cherry Game
place a bowl in front of everyone and a maraschino cherry in it. Each guest has to get the cherry out without using their hand, whoever gets the cherry out with just their mouth wins they "virginity" cherry back, think it is easy? go around and spray whip cream in each bowl. Now you have a party.
Drinks are always a must! Especially at these kind of parties...some cool  drink ideas are these ones for starters.

Blow job
1oz. Kahlua
1oz. Bailey's
add to a shot glass
top off with whip cream
tilt your head back and swallow enjoy!

Get Laid
1oz. Vodka
3/4 oz raspberry schnapps
fill with pineapple juice
splash of cranberry
stir in a highball glass
and get laid enjoy!

We went to the bars after where the penis necklace had a part in the night...we charged anyone $1 for a bite of the penis shaped candy, then if they wanted the big daddy in the middle it was $5...

our first customer
The one who "bit the big one" was a female...we girls know how to make a party!

We ended the night wonderfully, Megan was a blushing bachelorette!

She got married in Hawaii with her love Chris, I wish them all the best of happiness, joy, and unconditional love.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Playing with my MAC

So i have just gotten a Mac lapbook...I absolutely love it, if you don't have on i suggest you get one. I promise to never ever ever go back to a PC ever...PC computers are the DEVIL.

So while on my adventure of browsing through this new device that I know will change my life and hopefully my blogging life as we know it...I arrive upon "Photobooth" I don't know how many of you use this and the personal favorite is "STRETCH" ...So I am going to post my top favorite pictures and if anyone else has a mac or some sort of photobooth I think you need to post your most ridiculous picture you can get!

have fun! I can't wait to see the creativity!

The boyfriend and I....(some person..who will remained unnamed asked if these were real people..)

I know most of you recognize Raven's son, Gunner...
I think he didn't know what to think of this self portrait
This is true love...most gorgeous couple kiss ever!
my cousins Ashley and Lauren... thank goodness I have never done drugs or I believe this picture would have put me over the edge!


Cat Tails

Friday after work Brandon wanted to take me to this place called "Cat Tails" which is a little outside Spokane about 20 minutes from our house. They have amazing big cats that you can see from 3 feet away, the lion was definitely my favorite, he would bring his head up the cage and let the "lion tamers" pet him :)

I couldn't get enough of this lion!! his name was Zamba, he sang me lion king songs and just wanted a nice petting

This bear..what can i say, I wanted to run in his cage and give him the biggest bear hug ever. mind you i didn't, I don't think they would allow that and I don't think he will be as nice as this if I wrapped my arms around him

The great end to a Friday before going out to a nice dinner

Family Reunion

I went to Ellensburg, Washington for my family reunion which is approximately 176 miles from Spokane. My cousin Ashley used to go to Central Washington University so I have spent some time over there with her before, sometimes are hard to remember.(Shhh don't tell) It is great sunny weather and a small college town, but the wind is absolutely horrible!!!

Inside my great aunt's feeder

Ashley and I locking Lauren inside this old cart

George teaching me how to drink a beer in my cleavage...

Lauren and Niko signing to each other, he went deaf when he was about 3 years old

Little Bowen and myself

Cousin George and Skyler

Seanna, Rowan, myself

Myself and little sister...oh wait Bowen decided to stick his head in there

The 14 year old sister...8 years difference and apparently going on 8 inches difference

Jimmy, Vicki, Kevin, Momma..all the siblings

Sylena and my mother look the same height! uncle kevin, me, Aunt Vicki, oop little Bowen in there again, and Ashley

My mom and cousin Caleb

George of course still picking on the little kids

Sisterly Love

After the whole barbeque and running around with kids at the party...the adults get to go play

I had the BEST gummy bear drink! Red Raspberry vodka, triple sec, sweet and sour, then a splash of cranberry and garnished with gummy bears

Had to get some of that gummy bear...

Ashley and I taking jello shots all night long!!

Now this may look like a jello shot or a nice pink drink of some's pendleton whisky with a splash of cran...I have to have something sweet..then my sprite chaser


Down the hatch

This is my end of the night happy drunk smile.