Monday, August 22, 2011

Family Reunion

I went to Ellensburg, Washington for my family reunion which is approximately 176 miles from Spokane. My cousin Ashley used to go to Central Washington University so I have spent some time over there with her before, sometimes are hard to remember.(Shhh don't tell) It is great sunny weather and a small college town, but the wind is absolutely horrible!!!

Inside my great aunt's feeder

Ashley and I locking Lauren inside this old cart

George teaching me how to drink a beer in my cleavage...

Lauren and Niko signing to each other, he went deaf when he was about 3 years old

Little Bowen and myself

Cousin George and Skyler

Seanna, Rowan, myself

Myself and little sister...oh wait Bowen decided to stick his head in there

The 14 year old sister...8 years difference and apparently going on 8 inches difference

Jimmy, Vicki, Kevin, Momma..all the siblings

Sylena and my mother look the same height! uncle kevin, me, Aunt Vicki, oop little Bowen in there again, and Ashley

My mom and cousin Caleb

George of course still picking on the little kids

Sisterly Love

After the whole barbeque and running around with kids at the party...the adults get to go play

I had the BEST gummy bear drink! Red Raspberry vodka, triple sec, sweet and sour, then a splash of cranberry and garnished with gummy bears

Had to get some of that gummy bear...

Ashley and I taking jello shots all night long!!

Now this may look like a jello shot or a nice pink drink of some's pendleton whisky with a splash of cran...I have to have something sweet..then my sprite chaser


Down the hatch

This is my end of the night happy drunk smile.  


Lindsey said...

Love that tank you are wearing, where from? Looks like so much, love jello shots!

Taylor said...

Got it from this little boutique in Spokane, I can't remember the name but it was only $10!!!!