Tuesday, August 30, 2011

TuEsDaY's WiTh TaYlOr!!!

GOOOOOOD MORNING ALL MY BLOGGER FRIENDS!!! It is starting off to be a beautiful morning here in "Spokavegas" (;

Tuesdays are officially my Wine nights! Girls nights!!! A group of us gets together and switches off on who's house we are going to meet up to drink wine and talk about all that girly stuff...

football draft season
why they don't pick up after themselves
why we have a weird fungus thing growing on our feet (oh wait) scratch that, i'm the only one with a funky foot

I am not one to complain about thigs my boyfriend doesn't do, because it is honestly the most perfect relationship i could ever be in and I have an infinite bliss off amazing-ness to wake up to every morning


the tube of toothpaste is squeezed from the middle
clothes are on the floor instead of the hamper
(because we all know you can wear a shirt a few days in row...) 

I have been working my ass off at the gym...go to the coffee stand and he already bought my coffee...i literally just want a diet water!..but a Mocha Milkshake is already paid for...i can't let that $3.50 go to waste..can I 
now which one looks more amazing.....my point exactly.

Back to TUESDAY's!!!

I look forward to this every week!!!

I think you should all get a day where it is just girls...I know my boyfriend and most of my friends man cubs are getting 

Fantasy Football Draft ready. I don't want to be any part of that. I will watch football and cheer on my SAINTS!!

happy tuesday everyone!!!!


Raven said...

Tay Tay you are doing SO good at blogging!!! I love it! ok so I am going to set aside time this week to totally work on and FINISH your blog!!! I will change your about me and update your status stuff and put your facebook and twitter links on here. k???

jessica said...

yuuummmmm i want a mocha milkshake right now!!

californiadreamin said...

would much rather have me some mocha shake!

Bree said...

My boyfriend is always suggesting we go out for coffee and dessert, and while that would be great, I have to resist because it's just all so bad for you. But once in a while is definitely ok! Just had my first calorie loaded pumpkin spice latte today :)