Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Funday

This is by the far going to be the most eventful Friday of my life!!! I can't wait to tell you all about it! 

But for this weekend I plan on going to see my drag of a cousin Raven who is forcing me to come out to dumb Lake Roosevelt and go boating bore but I guess I will shove my fat ass into a teensy tiny bikini to hang out with her. 

I think she should start paying me to hang around her...

Just kidding Ravie you know I love you to pieces!!

Another is officially football season!!

I love my Saints to pieces and even though they have all this drama going on they are going to have to come out on top just to prove to the NFL that they can try to prove a point...but it's not going to actually hurt them.

I love my Raiders...yes I have 2 teams...Raiders I was born into. My entire mom's side have been Raider fans and whats not to love about a bunch of badass looking fans as well? If you are literally scared to wear the opposing team to a Raider game...I think they are doing something right.

My Seahawks...yes 3 teams...EVERYONE has to love their home team no matter what! When my Hawks play my other teams I always stick to home!....except one year and I paid for it when the Hawks stomped my Saints...but I am a huge shit talker and went to Seattle with "I'm just gonna wear the winning team" Saints gear I went home crying my eyes out and basically felt like I had betrayed my city.

I can not wait for this years games though, my dad has season tickets and has already given Brandon and I tickets for the November 11 game against the God Damn Jets! Birthday Game!!! 
(Mines Nov. 10 Brandon is Nov. 13)

So this year Seattle, Saints, Raiders don't let me down!!!! I don't care which one of you go to the superbowl...just as long as it's 1 of these!!!!

Preferably my Hawks...we all can agree they need a little bit of help also since we got screwed out of the first superbowl by the flippen STEELERS!!! you assholes! 

Time for tailgating! chips and dip! blow up doll dates! beer bongs, pinterest super bowl parties!, and Have great fun with great friends!

Source: via Donna on Pinterest

Thursday, August 30, 2012

It's my vagina so hands off...crazy?

I am NOT a political person at all! I don't follow politics, I honestly just a m going to go through my life and whatever happens in the world happens. 

I also keep my mouth shut!

since I don't vote I have no reason to talk, bring up, or even remotely think about politics

plus it is a never winning subject and I believe Politics, Religion, and Abortions should NOT be brought up in a day to day conversation. 

everyone gets pissed 99% of the time...and we are all entitles to our opinion, right?

ok enough jabber

I am not sharing this video because I know exactly what they are talking about and want a a matter of fact I don't really know what they are protesting I just think it is hilarious and these girls are cute doing this "Call me Maybe" spoof

but on Vaginas


Monday, August 27, 2012

Sweet 16 couldn't have been any sweeter!

My baby sister is 16!!!

I feel so old now as I remember being in the delivery room as the surgeon cut my mom open and pulled out this black hair, short, squatty, covered in goo, and screaming bloody murder baby girl.

But she was so beautiful! I asked my mom for years and years to give me a baby sister since everyone knows baby brothers always smell funny. tee hee!

I got my wish when I was 8 years old and people ask me if I wanted to be closer in age to my sister that way we could have gone to school together, played barbies, played in general.


I got to learn techniques of how to be "motherly" with my baby sister, now being 8 years older I get to be the cool sister that drove her and her friends around, I let them watch rated R movies when my mom would leave for the night, I got to buy her cool clothes when i get my first job.

I have loved every moment of being able to watch my sister blossom into this beautiful young woman instead of missing milestones by only being a few years or few months apart

My first day of 1st grade. About a month later it was my turn for show and tell I had been the only student my teacher ever had in her teaching career that wanted to bring her baby sister into class....Oh and my new kittens!

Sylena in the middle, born with jet black hair turned blonde and super long!

She is a tall drink of water

She got her first car!! Happy sweet 16!
I took her bowling with my girlfriend Jennifer

I have to give credit to the momma for raising both us girls amazingly well, giving us everything we could want and pushing us to always do better. As a person. In life. Always be true to yourself and true to others.

I love my baby sister to death and couldn't imagine having grown up without her. She is a varsity Cheerleader for her high school, on honor roll, lots of friends, has a level head of wanting diversity around her. The biggest heart you could ever imagine, she has always been caring, generous, polite, sweet, and just an all around great person. I am so proud of her and can't wait to see where life takes her.

right now she is thinking of being a nurse, so if any of you ever get her as your nurse in the future you will definitely be in the hands of an angel!

I love you Sylena Beana!!

August 26, 1996

Friday, August 24, 2012

My actual wedding!!

I got half of my pictures from Sabrina yesterday! All the wedding parties! I don't want to throw too much at you so seeing guests will be on another post. 

I had the most amazing bridal party! All of my girls were facebook friends within minutes after the ceremony! every body got along. I had no drama! No fights! No break ups! it was amazing!! I couldn't have asked for a better bridal party, remember that hiccup with my flower girl not having her dress? Well if not I will reiterate

Holly my 4 year old cousin was left dressless as someone grabbed all the bridesmaids dresses but forgot the small bag containing her small little dress.

I find this out when I walk into the bridal house.

My cousin Melissa, (Holly's mom) was like no worries I will wrap her in a curtain!

no joke!

She pulls the curtain off the window in the bridal house of the venue I paid for...

this isn't someone's house I know

Melissa wraps this curtain around Holly's tiny body and stuffs the access in her underwear! 

So in the pictures of Raven's 2 sons and the little girl with the red "sarong" that was a curtain!

I made wine labels for each of my girls with a personal message and the box of their jewelery
my garter...obviously Brandon's team

We had cupcakes but we had to have a cake as well...yummy carrot and his aunt made it as well as the peacock itself
Bridesmaids bouquets
oh hey girl, nice ass

Is this too cheesy? or just right?
Jenna, Alissa, Sylena, and Raynee...skip to the lou my darlin'
ok all finished. the mark above my lip is a birthmark and it gets bigger when I need it to be smaller. It's crazy.

My amazing bouquet
Daddy and Mommy
The dancing begins!

Matron of honor

Maid of honor

The flower girl and ring bearers

Dad and I getting our swerve on down the aisle
(he makes his own jewelry-his necklace :) )

Leading his only daughter to be wed
Our first dance to Train- Marry Me

Daddy/ Daughter dance Tim McGraw-My little girl
My proud pops
Bouquet toss and congrats to my friend, Bianca!
All my girls and his guys

 They really do love me!
 Oh hai mom and dad!
Ok let's take it from, "..and I got sprung, want a pull up..."
 Notice where the feet end and where the dress ends...
 aww such a pretty ring
 of course Brandon wanted to be groped by all the ladies
 then the bitches fight over him!
 My mom's side of the family
 My mom and her siblings
 I love my cousin, Ashley
 Tim Tebowing
 Snoopy snoopers in the woods
 Dad, mom, husband, sister
 Look at this fine group ladies!!! best looking bridal party award goes to...
 mi familia
Sisterly love

I had the most fantastic wedding and everything went as planned, except for the flower girl dress, but I think she could have gone down naked and it would have been ok! 

I can't wait to see the rest of my guests and the more casual photos, definitely more my forte than formal but it was amazing nonetheless. I am happily married! 

Sooner than you know i'll be posting about babies!!! 

Oh ya I already got the fever!