Friday, August 17, 2012

Everyone else is doing a skinny post! I will too...

Since everyone else seems to be on some sort of health kick...which I am not scrutinizing, that is awesome to be healthy and lowers your chance of all sorts of problems later in life.

I happen to just have great genes and I am sitting here eating 4 pieces of stuffed crust pizza and going to eat an oreo ice cream bar afterwards.

(Insert "I hate you" here)

So I am doing my own way of a health kick...but this isn't for me

My dog is a lard ass!!!

I kid you not her weight should be around 6-8lbs

my fat little chubba wubba is 13!!!!!

DOUBLE what she should be!
Look at her fat rolls!!!

Ya, little fat ass...definitely not taking after her mother

So now I am forced to put my poor little fatso fatso on a diet..but I am unsure of how to get a dog to slim down, I run her around like crazy and I only feed her a 1/4 cup food in morning and evening

Does anyone have a doggy treadmill?

This little bitch needs be a skinny bitch!

This was her as a baby, with baby chub

now she is a beast pillow
Fat ass pillow!!

My dog has more rolls than a bakery truck!

More chins than a chinese phone book

She could go to an amusement park and people would try and ride her!

Her neck is so fat it looks like a package of hot dogs!!!

So operation "Get My Bitch Skinny" is underway

it looks like I can't sit on my couch and eat pizza. I may have to incorporate my own exercise for her benefit.



Anonymous said...

Omg girl you crack me up! Your dog is too cute btw :D

MacKensie said...

hahaha my dog's a fatass too. I'm workin' on it. Good luck!

Jamie said...

Hilarious. I do put my dog on a treadmill though. Lazy? Yes but it works ;)