Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Funday

This is by the far going to be the most eventful Friday of my life!!! I can't wait to tell you all about it! 

But for this weekend I plan on going to see my drag of a cousin Raven who is forcing me to come out to dumb Lake Roosevelt and go boating bore but I guess I will shove my fat ass into a teensy tiny bikini to hang out with her. 

I think she should start paying me to hang around her...

Just kidding Ravie you know I love you to pieces!!

Another is officially football season!!

I love my Saints to pieces and even though they have all this drama going on they are going to have to come out on top just to prove to the NFL that they can try to prove a point...but it's not going to actually hurt them.

I love my Raiders...yes I have 2 teams...Raiders I was born into. My entire mom's side have been Raider fans and whats not to love about a bunch of badass looking fans as well? If you are literally scared to wear the opposing team to a Raider game...I think they are doing something right.

My Seahawks...yes 3 teams...EVERYONE has to love their home team no matter what! When my Hawks play my other teams I always stick to home!....except one year and I paid for it when the Hawks stomped my Saints...but I am a huge shit talker and went to Seattle with "I'm just gonna wear the winning team" Saints gear I went home crying my eyes out and basically felt like I had betrayed my city.

I can not wait for this years games though, my dad has season tickets and has already given Brandon and I tickets for the November 11 game against the God Damn Jets! Birthday Game!!! 
(Mines Nov. 10 Brandon is Nov. 13)

So this year Seattle, Saints, Raiders don't let me down!!!! I don't care which one of you go to the superbowl...just as long as it's 1 of these!!!!

Preferably my Hawks...we all can agree they need a little bit of help also since we got screwed out of the first superbowl by the flippen STEELERS!!! you assholes! 

Time for tailgating! chips and dip! blow up doll dates! beer bongs, pinterest super bowl parties!, and Have great fun with great friends!

Source: via Donna on Pinterest


Ash said...

i hope you are aware, that my redskins are going to kick some saint ASS opening day..

i am sorry to you, friend...perhaps you will have to root for another team that day ..??

so lucky you guys have teams you like TOGETHER.. im skins, and hubby is bears... and theres this mismatch of burgundy, gold, orange, and blue going on in our house...

and RAIDERS?!?!?!? you belong in my neck of the woods, girl..

Andrew said...

Enjoy watching Russell Wilson this year! I had the pleasure of watching him at NC State when he was here and he's pretty amazing.

Nikki said...

My birthday is November 18th and I am a Jet fan. Hummmmm?

Lizzy said...

My sisters cousin-in-law's sister is a SeaGal this year! That would be super exciting to do! Her name is Jessica I. if you were wondering!