Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Honeymoon in......JAMAICA!!

Ya Mon!
(It's supposed to be mon...I didn't misspell)

I was so surprised when I found out we were heading for Montego Bay, Jamaica!

Sorry Mexico and Hawaii are not my style. You only get 1 honeymoon in my eyes! Go big or get the fuck out!

This was our Luxurious hotel

This was our actual view from our room

We left Monday the 6th and got there Tuesday morning, the flight schedules were a bit hairy with me having to sleep under the benches in Denver, CO for 4 hours! but having my free drinks was worth it.

All inclusive bitches! you swim up, walk up, skip up, waddle your ass up to the bar or restaurant and get anything you want at whatever time you want! I think I did more eating on this trip than I did loving on my sexy husband.

This is a shark bait..Oooh Ha ha! 

They made everything with Rum...and this ain't no Malibu..real Jamaican Rum, so that means you get real Jamaican drunk.

Man drinking makes you sexay

Paddle boarding!

Then after a long day of drinking activities...

Needless to say I am a light weight...

Ok Day 2

 Damn peacocks everywhere!!

 Just lounging around don't mind him
Yes, we got completely naked. Wieners, boobies, and hoo ha's all over the place

I will spare you pictures of us naked, I am sure no one would like to see that

I cannot believe how much we drank and drank and drank...then ate some food, took naps, and started drinking...again.

Oh ok we did some activities

 My new friend Paige and I trying the alcohol in the store before we buy...
 Gotta be sure to try at least 5-6 then you won't want to buy any
Going Steve Erwin style
The Jamaicans seriously couldn't stop following me around and wouldn't stop staring at

 Anyone want to ride a camel?
 Or eat some snails? les Escargots
 Doing the cha cha slide...If you know this dance you are absolutely amazing!
I would love a vlog of everyone doing the cha cha slide!
Ya this was some other kind of dance...can't even tell you, but I look and felt like a dumb ass so figured this was worthy to post

 Paige, my wonderful Italia Bella

Ok now where form here? Oh the jungle

 Ya that guy behind us is on a cell phone. I knew thats what you were going to ask

 Pushed around on about 15 bamboo shoots
Eating some sugar cane raw!

I had to row this bitch

 He was waiting for us outside the bathroom!!!!
 private cabana
hearts and elephants. aww thanks babe
I had to lay in the water, I didn't come here to stay in the shade!

So to end the trip we had to do their exclusive photography package, which pretty much cost us an arm and a leg..but you're only going to do this once.

I forgot my straightener back in Washington. It was awesome with my Pomeranian hair

 After this one you say "awww"

I felt like a mermaid

 This one is the biggest cause this is now how life is going to be...remember that
 We say goodbye to Jamaica and hello to be Mr. and Mrs.

The Bowker Family


Ashley said...

Your picutres are awesome. Looks like so much fun! I especially love the one you made the biggest dragging him by his collar. HA!

- Ashley

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh your pictures are gorgeous! It looks like you guys had an amazing honeymoon in Jamaica :D It is so pretty there! I love the picture of you dragging him by his collar - that is too funny! Love love love the pictures.

Cara said...

These pictures are so awesome. It looks like you guys had a great time!! Congrats again!

Mrs. Brandy De La Cruz said...


Nikki said...

Looks like you had a GREAT honeymoon! Im so happy for you! Love your professional pics! So pretty! Cant wait to see the wedding pictures!

Kelsey said...

Looks like so much fun! your gorg and I love the last two pictures!

Holly said...

Looks like you had an amazing time!
You guys look beyond amazing! I NEED to go to Jamaica.


Ash said...

this looks like so much fun! i loved all your recaps and stories! and duh bitch, everyone knows the cha cha slide (;

"...which means you get real Jamaican drunk." bahaha

Anonymous said...

I love the crap out of this. Especially your super huge picture!

Shark bait, oooh ha ha made me lol, oh Nemo..

Tickled Pink said...

Your pictures are beautiful!! I want to go there- NOW! :) Congrats again!

Megan Wait said...

hahahahah, oh my goodness, I loved reading this, you are so funny.

And I'm sure the Jamaicans loved your tatas, uhm I mean smile.

Annabelle said...

AWESOME honeymoon! I wanna to have another honeymoon! Maybe Jamaica Mon! lol

Katy said...

What a wonderful honeymoon! I went to Jamaica on my honeymoon and absolutely loved it there. Welcome to the married life; enjoy!

Bre said...

Every time I see your new last name I say in my head "bow-ker-chow-chow". You know, like porn musinc? LOL! Looks like you had an amazing time!!

Raquel said...

Omg what an amazing honeymoon!! Beautiful pictures!

Pamela said...

Love the pictures!!

Kristine said...

Seriously, this is all so beautiful... I just love you two! Oh, and I'd totes get in on that cha cha slide vlog ;)

Samantha said...

OH you make me want to go back! We went on our honeymoon to Negril and it was AWESOME!!! We were right next to the nudist resort (not awesome)! ha!

Ashley said...

Love the pictures, what a gorgeous place!!

Jazmine G. said...

Congrats on getting married. Looks like you had a lot of fun!!!

Brooke said...

Oh my gosh! Looks so fun! That multi color drink looks sooo yummy!Paddleboarding too! Is that hard to do?



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