Sunday, August 5, 2012

I Got Married!!!!

Yes!!! Finally my big day came!! I am officially Mrs. Brandon Bowker!
It was amazing and my girls did such a great job words can't describe how wonderful it was!

I pretty much will just let the pictures do the talking, Grab a glass of wine cause there are a lot of pictures and possibly a video or two...
(I know a lot you have seen on Raven's instagram:P )

Everything went pretty smooth, I was late for my own wedding, but thats ok cause it can't start without me!
When I got into my bridal suite, everyone already had their gifts (pictures later from Sabrina) and my cousin whose daughter was my flower girl....her dress was missing....

Oh it was still in the closet at my house. 

My cousin Melissa took down a curtain in the bridal house and wrapped it around my little flower girl like a sarong

My dad brought me to the alter then left me up there before the preacher asked "Who giveth this woman to be married to this man" So I had to look over and get him to stand up again.

Brandon's dad got tripped by one of my bridesmaids doing the "stanky leg" he smacked his head on the bar and split a piece of his cheek open

Rehearsal dinner is me without make up and after popping all my pimples from getting my face waxed...
whatever, I still look cute!

I couldn't sleep at all and I had Raynee (bridesmaid) as my Thunder buddy
My little sister, Sylena (maid of honor)

Miss Shasta making me look as beautiful as ever!

Have to get our drank on as well

Ashley Cousin/bridesmaid

Alissa, Beezy friend, bridesmaid, co worker :)

Gorgeous girls! 
I couldn't have picked a better wedding party

Mommy helping her daughter

Could I get an even cheesier look!
Love you Daddio!

We are presented! Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Bowker

Ravens husband Rob and my Dad

 My gorgeous ring...just to throw it out there 4ct. total weight which I am ABSOLUTELY ecstatic about!

Thank you Calle for getting this demon kissing face shot

 He was nice and didn't shove it in my face...needless to say....I did

Eat some cake!

Miami Dolphins garter...
 This is my best friend since I was born! Literally!!! her sister started babysitting me when I was 4 months old

We had to get our Taco bell on...first wedding night dinner
The back of the dress, horribly dirty and never to be worn again!

I will be posting the video of my bridesmaids doing their fabulous dancing soon!!

You can see it posted on my facebook!!

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Anonymous said...

Aghh! Loved your photos! Why do you have to be so gorgeous?!? So happy for you! Congrats again girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Raven said...

taylor OMG I LOVE!!!!!! You were THEE most beautiful bride on the planet and I was SO HAPPY to be there! i love you love you love you to the moon and back!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kristine Foley said...

Congrats to u and ure families!!! Looks like such a blast!!! U r just stunning! Makes me wanna get married again and again :) Xoxoxoxo Excited to see Sabrina's pics too!!!!

Nikki said...

Congratulations on your wedding! You were beautiful!

Kelsey said...

you looked gorgeous!Congrats!

Candace said...

Taylor you were so gorgeous! I love your dress and love the outside theme! So happy for you!!

Candace said...

Taylor you were so gorgeous! I love your dress and love the outside theme! So happy for you!!

Casey said...

Congratulations, Taylor! You and your dress were stunning!!

Kelly said...

Congrats!! You looked gorgeous :) Your dress is beautiful! I love that you hit up TB afterwards, lol!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! You are absolutely gorgeous and your dress is stunning :D Love the pictures!

Raquel said...

Awww congrats!! you look stunning in all the pictures! What a beautiful dress too!

sophistifunk said...

ahhhh, congrats! you make an absolutely stunning bride :) i love your dress, hair, and makeup!

p.s. i'm your newest follower :)

xo brie