Friday, March 30, 2012

My Engagement Photo Shoot!!

Do I get an award for having longest time between blog posts?

Not apologizing though because I have been running around like crazy and loving bringing in the Spring time with all this sunshine!!!!!!  Snow. 

it has been hectic around here with the snow flurries, rain storms, wind storms, and just everything else but that sweet solar energy source that I have been deprived off for 6 months!

I have to look at all my little bloggy loves who are laying by pools, wearing tank tops, and shorts and I have come to the conclusion that I hate all of you now. I love you all so much and hope you are enjoying yourselves.

With this whack job weather I was having my doubts on being able to do a great engagement photo shoot, thank goodness we got a day that was still slightly warm, overcast, but didn't turn out too bad.

The start of this day though was not the most exhilarating. You would think getting your hair and make up done, being pampered all morning would be so much fun!

Mine was hell!

I asked the chick at the benefit counter to make my face look natural but obviously do the eyes darker for pictures. Hello!

She made me look like a raccoon!!! the brown and tans were all the way around my eye..Way to use natural colors bitch in the complete wrong way.

I then decided to let my little sister get her make up done and I walked over to a hair salon in the mall to get my hair done (bad idea and not being snotty but I do not go to malls and get my hair done)
I just wanted light flowy curls. 

I was Shirley Temple.

I got home about 20 minutes before Sabrina my photographer was to get there, I had to re do my own make up, which basically everything I just paid for was down the drain. I fixed my own hair and had to flat iron most of it and it still wasn't looking great.

Sabrina gets to my house and I immediately burst into tears about how ugly my hair is and make up is. Just having a melt down

She did an amazing job convincing me it looked fine and I had fixed the flaws and to suck it up put my big girl panties on and let's do this fabulous photo shoot.

That is exactly what it was...

This is already hanging in our house

This one is much fun, but probably won't be used, but fun trying to get this pose

 Had to get my little sister a shoot as well

Sabrina did an amazing job, I cannot wait for our wedding!! For having such a stressful morning Sabrina helped me calm down, sort of get in the zone and have a great day, even over the freezing water!

Thank you Sabrina!!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

My first experience at 'White Girl Wasted'

I am trying to think of the best way to open up this blog post. I cannot think of anything clever to get the grasp of what exactly happened on my very first St. Patricks Day celebration. 

Let's just jump into how exactly I got 'White Girl Wasted'
The starting point of my fantastic tutu's for me and my 2 other Patty's day bitches

I had to obviously have the best costume in order to rock out losing my St. Patricks Day virginity

End result!

Brandon and I got a hotel room at The Davenport to make sure we could get as wasted as we wanted then stumble back into our hotel room, to whenever time that would be

My spray tan that I got beforehand seemed to attach itself mostly to my upper lip. I do not have a mustache in real life. 
I wanted to get my orange on since i figure Leprechauns are orange I need to fit in

Got our room on floor 14, which I think is really stupid because you know we are really on floor 13 but all that superstitious crap really must get the best of hotels, I am sure if I jumped out the window, I would fall 13 stories even though I am on the 14th floor. I will die earlier

We did have a nice view of stupid trains. Just what I wanted after I stare at trains all day long at work and now I get them right outside my window.

Time to get ready for St. Patricks Day
My awesome giddy-up and oh ya I rocked this all day long!

Brandon only had his Sounders jersey for green and everyone we met was bugging him asking if he was from Seattle! It was rad, who wouldn't want to be from the best city on earth?

Brianna and I handing out shot glasses and flyers from her work, in our awesome outfits! dancing down the street to the bar, best walk I have ever done in my life, especially the 2 shots of fireball we were given and some jello shots from these crazy bitches in the parking lot

I wasn't even wasted yet and I was trying to take a picture cross eyed, this didn't work that well and this is how it turned out, of course I ended up sending this out to my dad and he couldn't stop making fun of me and saying what a drunk ass I was...this was my first beer! (after those shots)

Now I think I was starting to hit my edge

Now I never realized that St. Patricks Day is a little like Mardis Gras and granted if your show your goods you get some goods. Well, since I am going to be a married woman soon, these nunga nungas aren't coming out anymore. 
So my friend Nikki and I had to do 20 sit ups while drinking a beer in order to get some beads

There are no words...

I am pretty much wasted by this time where we head to our friends camper out in a parking lot and starting taking shots of who knows what. People are pouring and I am just grabbing and shooting, over and over and over again. 

I don't remember much of this part but my 3rd girl in her tutu showed up and I was already out of my mind drunk and informed her I needed food. We started drinking at 8 am and this was 12 and I haven't eaten 1 thing. 

Melissa tells Brandon that she is going to take me to get some food, he hands me my ID and some money. 

I guess at this point I am losing everything. I handed my phone off to someone and asked them to hold it. 
I left my ID in someone's jacket.

Melissa got me some yummy italian and actually it wasn't bad the second time I had to taste it either

I was being force fed food in the back of her car and felt that rumble, this wasn't going to be good. 

I try and start puking with my head out her car door while everyone is standing around partying still. 

I cannot throw up with clothes on. Ever. Ever. Ever.

I strip off my skirt, my wig, my over shirt and start getting ready to blow my brains out with vomit. 

Didn't happen. 

Brandon walks me back to the hotel at 2:45  IN THE AFTERNOON!
I barf down the side of the bed cause you really have to lean over to make it into the garbage. 

B leaves me to get some food around 4.



He was gone for 9 hours, but did bring me back the most amazing bleu cheese burger which I couldn't force down but the smell alone was freaking amaze balls.

He of course wants to sleep, I just threw up my entire life and am ready to rally again, but I have no phone. No ID, no pants...guess I am not leaving

I wake up in the morning and am ready to get home to sleep the rest of this hangover off.

That is a ripped up Sour Patch kids box. No sour patch kids left though.

The dogs were penned in the laundry room and broke the gate down, ate the box and the kids, broke a glass candle holder, pooped all over the throw rug, and now won't stop running around.
Must be the kids

After cleaning the entire living room and laundry room I am finally settled down and start finding out where all my sh!t is.

thank god my friend's had my phone, I guess I threw it at them and told them to watch it for a bit...hmmm

My friend Brianna found my ID in her coat

I found someone else's jacket in my hotel room...

And then found some videos and pictures on my phone that I sadly couldn't post online.

But I did find these ones
I am slowly finding all my belongings as the day moves on, and I get reminded I have a hair appointment at 6...can I bring a cocktail to this?

I can not wait to read everyone else's stories, but i literally got "white girl wasted" I was told by everyone that I "was the sh!t show"

I am going to take that as a good thing since I had all my friends there to watch my clothes, hair, ID, and phone. I didn't fight anyone, nor do anything illegal. 

My first St. Patricks Day

I am never drinking again.

Monday, March 12, 2012

My new love!!! Contempo Spa!

I have found a new love today and it is right here in Spokane!

Who thought they could actually have something so great where I WANT to spend 2-3 hours there AFTER work

This is the Sh!t right here! 

After having an incident with being at a local tanning salon where the girl told me that I had a small rash on my shoulder was most likely because she would forget to clean the beds since she owns it and is broke so she can't hire anyone.

I laid in someone else's ass sweat!

I couldn't believe that the biatch even told me that she doesn't clean all the beds. 

Lie to me! and then I won't come back because of this rash. Tell me you used too much bleach, or ammonia, or whatever the eff you use to clean a bed. 

Thank goodness I only paid by tan, so I left

Now to Planet Beach!

I found one in Spokane, while I was at a bridal show, the owner was absolutely fantastic, informative, polite, but still did her pitch and sucked me in.

Today was my first day there!

I met my soon to be new bff Katie, she was my consultant, sweet, nice, amazing, great hair.

She doesn't know we are going to be Bff's but she will soon

I came in spent a crapload of cashoola! and started with my first contempo spa session of a Slimcapsule

it looks like a big huge egg, i literally felt like it would have taken off and I would have gone to that planet the coneheads are from. But it didn't.

I put on my body oil and lotion get inside my spaceman suit zip it all the way up so all my schweddyness stays inside this garmet

I look like someone off of ET

Then you climb inside your little space capsule and set the settings, I started on the lowest just to see how I would do

For 30 min at 150 degrees I burned 206 calories!


I was so sweaty it was unreal! but I felt rejuvinated and as if all of my breakfast and lunch and just sluffed off of me

Now to get my bronze on

I went in this bed called The Velocity
I so wish I had pictures but stupid internet won't let me add any to my blog!

You can see the amazing bed here

It made me BRONZE! right walking out of there! it eliminates harmful UVB and UVA rays so anyone can use this bed at maximum time without getting burnt to a crisp!

I look like Snooki

ok maybe not that orange, but I look like I came off a cruise! I have a nice golden glow and it is amazing!!!

If you have a Planet beach by your house I sincerely say you go! I was here for 3 hours today! And made my appointment to get a facial, hydration station, and tan tomorrow!

If you want to find one near you go here 

hope you all love as much as me!!!

bronze goddess coming at ya!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Seriously. Best. Weekend. Ever.

For everyone that follows me on Instagram and twitter you saw that Brandon and I took our own pictures to send out with our invites! Sabrina is my photographer and as most of you know she is living it up in Florida right now. I couldn't wait I had everything ready so we took a few pictures of our own playing around in a local park by our house!

After taking this picture we wanted on in the grass....well my camera fell off the tree as it was taking and this is what we ended up with
I honestly think it was a hit! and thought about sending this out with our wedding invites but I am too vain and require everyone to have a picture of myself on their fridge! 

Pants- Silver (buckle)
Shoes (Mix No. 6) DSW

I HAD to have my own personal photo shoot as well. Duh!
Erica-i thought of you while I "shook my tail feather"

Brandon of course had to have his own photo shoot as well, I guess I will show you his pictures, even though this blog is all about me!
Ok just one more of us

Brandon thought this was pretty funny....(sigh)

I was pissed at this picture, I asked some girl to take it who was there taking photographs of this other family...she didn't tell me the feather was backwards!!! I would have used this one to send out to people but instead of this looking like a peacock feather it looks like a duster.

You would think a photographer would notice and tell me


Our Urban side, which didn't work out to well

then a wardrobe change...which I hate cause I think my chest looks ginormous!

Of course after a fabulous morning of shooting we had to stop at this little place called "Italia"


Best Mimosa as well as this dish brandon got that was baked bread, caramelized onions and gorgonzola chunks.

Like I said OMFG. I swear I had a mini orgasm on my tongue.

I NOMED every last bit!

After our great pictures, and fantastic lunch what else do with our day!!!!

Oh let's buy a Chameleon!!!!

This is our newest member to our family and I named him, Ortega.

he is flippen awesome and just hangs out on my shoulder for now. He is a month old and super teeny so the puppies can't really play with him yet. In 6 months he will be full grown and will be about the size of an average Chameleon that you see in the stores...I would compare it to a remote control. 
(Which he is standing on now)

Our Sunday morning, not knowing it was daylight savings time. Thank you Rissy
We woke up late, got our Costco run late.
I am seriously surprised I didn't freak out and have decided that Costco needs Arrows, People can not figure out which way to effing go and then they stand their with their thumbs up their asses and carts in the middle of the aisle. Bring a list dammit!

I am just a very go in and get out person.
Sorry for my rudeness

Now i get home and unload everything to make my kitchen and fridge look like one off of MTV cribs
(sadly no krystal filled our fridge)

While I am putting groceries away, Brandon decides to get me a present.


I am now going to look like a super G in my Mazda 3!!! oh ya baby!

he isn't home yet so I am waiting to put up pics, he is out cleaning everything and making it all look like new, I will post pics when he finally gets home in a few hours but had to blog now.

like I said in and out..and this is how I feel about blogging, I say what i want to say and then post. no waiting. 

Follow me on instagram and see my car when he comes home!!


Like I stated "Best. Weekend. Ever!!!

Photos, Chameleon, and rims...what more could I want

Oh wait...a lot!