Monday, March 5, 2012

Wedding planning is almost over....oh wait no it's not

Wedding planning started out as fun

I am not going to sit and complain just a little taken back now

I got my venue in the first week

Picked out my flowers
got the yummy food together, so I can stuff my skinny ass once I am in the wedding dress, but nothing before
Invited all of my guests and picked the bridesmaids!
of course you all know my Matron of honor is my fabulous cousin

I picked out all of my colors for my bridesmaids to wear

(Colors each bridesmaid will wear)

I received my invitations!
(I wasn't crying..just shiny eyes i guess, but so many peeps thought I was crying)

My beautiful sister is going to help me with the address labels

now, just my hottie tottie with a naughty body fiance just need to walk down the aisle...



I need out who is going to do my wedding party make up

Who will fix all of our hair

Where are people going to stay?
Source: via Shilo on Pinterest

I have no idea on shoes to wear
Source: via Aen on Pinterest

What songs are we going to have at our wedding?

What is going to be the signature drink...?

This is exactly what I want, a cute lemonade bar off to the side since you can't have hard alcohol


When do I get the marriage certificate?

Oh 30-60 days before the wedding

Better remember that!

What kind of centerpieces?

not sure to do candles? flowers? half and half? mirrors and beads?

I am thinking at this point I am going to need some help. I know everything will come into place but right now I am starting to stress a bit! 

My cousin has offered to do a slideshow of Brandon and I when we were little to when we got together

I have been going through my baby pictures with my mother, which is taking forever but will be worth it in the end to show our life before and now to form into this beautiful marriage

Bomb Drop.

My dad just asked me to make him a slideshow for his retirement which is happening 2 months before my wedding!

So taking everyday by the balls basically and getting everything done I can. day by day right and it will all work out.

Oh I got my wedding dress this weekend!!! I wish I could post it but brandon does in fact read my bloggy so those who follow me on Instagram saw it!


I hope you guys have an awesome week! A cold is going around here so I am under the weather but determined to get these little things off my checklist!


Lay said...

girl, I KNOW the feeling.... it definitely gets overwhelming! but it gets better! My girls have been my saviors through all of this planning... I would have probably gone crazy! Your wedding will be gorg!

Katy said...

Good luck planning everything! I don't know when you're getting married, but it sounds like you have all of the major things planned, which is nice. I remember when I got married it was crazy trying to plan everything! The panic would come in waves; one day I felt like I had it all under control, and the next day I wanted to call it all of and elope! Enjoy the rest of your planning :o)

Kendra said...

I can't even imagine the pressure. I hope things get worked out for you!

Megan said...

Girl..I'm here for you! Any questions don't hesitate to ask! I'll do my best to help you even though I'm in Illinois :)

Courtney said...

I am doing that drink dispenser table. Im in love with it. I got the cutest dispensers at Pottery Barn. Im having water, tea, and MOJITOS! Who cant have hard alcohol??

Holly said...

Your wedding is going to be perfection. You will be gorgeous. And everything will be ok :)
Ps where did you get your invites?

Bethany said...

keepin' it real... wedding planning SUCKS. i did not enjoy it at all! LOL!

KatyK said...

We had sparkling cider at our wedding...the church didn't allow alcohol. And I believe there were 75-100 people there. I planned it in two months. Woot!

And I'd love a do over lol.

Sami said...

So a friend of mine was in a wedding that used the colors of a Peacock feather as well and it was gorgeous! I can already tell your is going to be fab! As far as wedding planning?? I got nothing sorry haha. Just kidding take it one day at a time? That should work.

Jeremy and Megan said...

Good luck with the rest of your planning! You may be overwhelmed and stressed now, but honestly ENJOY this time because it goes SO fast and your wedding day goes by EVEN quicker!

Hope you start feeling better soon so you can finish wrapping up the details for your big day! :)

John said...

Here post a so colorful and so funny photo's. i like very much for this making wonderful wedding planning celebration. congrats and keep it up..

Ashley said...

Tay i LOVE Your wedding theme! I so wish we lived in the same town - i love wedding stuff and could talk about it endlessly!! hope you have fun getting the rest of the plans made! XOXOX

...Barbie... said...

totally just got married like 2 weeks ago - best advice i can give you ... don't be ashamed to ask for help and tell people to F off. The last few weeks leading up to the wedding are going to be so hectic and stressful because you'll start to remember little things that you need and didn't think of.

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