Friday, June 29, 2012

Craigslist Party

I have never sold any clothes on craigslist, I thought people who did that were a little on the sketchy side, but this wedding is burning a big fat hole right through my Coach purse and I will not back down to not get the wedding I have dreamed of. This only happens once! So I took a few items into Plato's closet, that was a huge bust. I got $13 for 4 shirts. 

I should be grateful that at least I walked out with more money than I had.

$13 could only buy me like 2 KFC mashed potato bowls...dammit

So I figure I would take a stab at selling just a few of my clothes...Don't judge me if YOU don't like them. lol 

here is the craigslist ad

and since they would only let me post 8 pictures here are more the items I am selling

$3 for all the "casual tops" $5 for the dressier tops and $10 for the dress capris and Black Jessica Simpson bell bottoms 

Hey, I am just trying to clean out my closet and get the wedding of my dreams, whatever it takes

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The real life of Pancreatic Cancer

Nobody knows how hard it is to be a step parent. You have to take on the role of a parent but not stepping on the other parents toes. I have had a few "potential" step parents and once they tried to take on the role of my father, I immediately resented them.

This is not one of those cases.

My sister, Sylena is 15 years old.

She has an AMAZING step mom, I couldn't ask for another woman to take as good of care of her as this woman has. My mom actually went to high school with her! how crazy is that?

Dawn, she was a cheerleader in high school, outgoing, bubbly, real estate agent, mother of 2 sons, then became a step mother to my baby sister

are you wondering where I am going with this?

Dawn was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic Cancer is obviously cancer of the pancreas-

The pancreas is a large organ located behind the stomach. It makes and releases enzymes into the intestines that help the body absorb foods, especially fats.
Hormones called insulin and glucagon, which help your body control blood sugar levels, are made in special cells in the pancreas called islet cells. Tumors can also occur in these cells, but they are called islet cell tumors.

She was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer around May 6,2011 (Happy Cinco de Mayo-NOT), but she beat it the first time and was in remission. Dawn lost a ton of weight from going through chemo and radiation, her spirits were up and would often make jokes about the "cocktail" she was receiving. Those high spirits kept her going.

Sadly, her remission didn't last long, her spirits are getting dimmer and on my selfish side she is an AMAZING step mother to my sister. I don't want her to lose her, as well as her own 2 sons.

I never knew Dawn had a blog until today.

See here

I received a phone call this evening from my sister's father's friend who was wondering what day my wedding was, a very odd question from someone I rarely talk to.

I let her know my wedding date and asked why she wanted to know and informed me she is planning a benefit in the honor of Dawn. She is looking for people to donate anything they can in the Seattle area- but can be as north, south, east, or west, just in the Washington State I should say, to donate something for this benefit. examples; are a dental office has offered a whitening session, a restaurant downtown has offered a dinner for two. From what I gather these items will be at Dawn's benefit as a "silent auction" and all the proceedings will go to Dawn.

They are having a hard time with all these medical bills, Dawn lost her job after new management took over and didn't want to have the same deal her other manager had offered of when she was done with treatment she could go back to her job.

Dawn seems to be slowing giving up hope and if she is getting weaker she needs people around her getting stronger. Everyone needs to be loved, Everyone has someone that loves them.

I know I have felt a bond since I started blogging. The girls I have met and the messages I get when I don't blog is a love i have felt from women I have never met, and some I have met.

I would love for Dawn to feel this same love that I have felt. I have almost 400 followers in a year! I think that is amazing for I don't think my writings are really that great for that many people to want to know what I have to say.

I would love for you all to show Dawn that love. She is a true diva!

if anyone in the Seattle Area can donate a dinner, a lunch, shopping spree, anything that could be used for this benefit or if you can make a small donation to help out it would be amazing!!! I am trying to think of something great I could do for the bloggers that donate. I will think of something! I would love to get Dawn lots of followers to know that she is loved, so if you love me please love her.

She is a beautiful smart talented woman and like I said she has taken that hard role as a step parent for my sister that my mother and I could only be eternally grateful for.

In the sign off words of Dawn Jump "Live with passion"

Her blog here
Her website here

---Dawn if you see this I hope you don't mind that I stole your pictures off your site, divalicious---

Saturday, June 16, 2012

The time I found out I was a grown up, or wait a minute...

Nobody wants to get old.

not a single person.

Maybe when you are 13 you can't wait to be 16

When you are 16 you can't wait to be 18

18 then turns to 21

and then what? are you really excited to turn 25 just so you can rent a car? (maybe only in WA)

I am only 23 and I feel like I have hit all my milestones, can I just stay like this.

(Is this real life?)

Sweet 16...ahhhh

Driving by myself, way too fast oh and i still do that crying my way out of every possible ticket. Maybe a few highschool parties, but all in all at 16 I was definitely trying to figure out what I should do in life.

Check out those cholo eyebrows...

The bittersweetness of having some authority to go where I want when I want, but also still having to obey the parents on what time I will be home and why the truck is caked with mud when I was 'going shopping'

I dunno, they ripped up the mall parking lot and there were huge dirt mounds and you just couldn't go around them...
alright maybe not. I do realize now that my parents were not as stupid as I always thought they were. Dammit. 

This is the important stuff they teach you in high school.

Now we get to 18

I can do whatever the fuck I want now! Psh I'm an adult!
So as the responsible adult I am at 18, with my car that I can go anywhere I want before midnight

Ya I joined a team of rockstar girls (I am far left if you couldn't figure it out) I thought I would do some modeling with my cholo eyebrows, 5'5 statue, no boobs, and really bad bleach job, but I could run fast!!!

21!!!! The milestone of lifetime! Oh I wish I could go with the knowledge I have now, these 2 years have taken a brutal beating on what 21 was

 I wasn't naked, sweet snuggie made my tube top look like no top

Ok so let's recap a little on 18...

You shotgun a beer

You beer bong 2 beers

You take your first shot of tequila

Some crazy ass buys you a snuggie for your birthday

You still think you're a model, when you have noting going for you

So then you dig WAY deep and think that doing club promo's is awesome and you are the shit!

Then you get really wasted tailgating for a Seahawks/Saints game, try and eat 2 hotdogs at the same time
(They wouldn't go in sideways, damn!)

And you end up leaving early because the Seahawks FINALLY dominated and you wore your other team jersey and got booed so bad you went home.

Now here we go with up to date!
at 23

Alright 23....You are still a drinking mess and can't learn not to mix sugar, with sugar, with more sugar, and possibly another sugar drink. but you do anyways and then lay in the car with a pillow over you face you entire 3 hour ride home. 
You are staying a little classy by actually wearing clothing that covers, your tits, midsection and ass and that my dear you should be proud of!

Running over street signs because they have your cousins name on them who was tragically killed in Iraq and need to give it to your uncle no matter what the cost. priceless

well took my first keg stand.

I will tell you all that i don't drink that much, and really I don't I hold my liquor pretty well through the years and surprising enough I know when to stop. 

I just look like an alcoholic party girl because I am not going to take pictures of myself wearing my spider man boxers, eating cap n' crunch cereal and watching spongebob

I mean would you really want to see that anyways?

So in between all these pictures there is a girl who thinks she is lame at most times, not as interesting as you may think and live a daily normal life, where a party comes up possibly once a month. Maybe.

But these are the pictures I will be hiding from my kids till they are mature enough to know that mommy was a sloppy drunk from 20-22 1/5

then of course every time in between when they really piss me off

What the hell am I saying?! i don't even have kids! See 23!!! You are screwing i am thinking about my well being for a child who isn't even thought of! and I enjoy grocery shopping for cleaning supplies and toilet paper.

Kill me now.