Friday, June 29, 2012

Craigslist Party

I have never sold any clothes on craigslist, I thought people who did that were a little on the sketchy side, but this wedding is burning a big fat hole right through my Coach purse and I will not back down to not get the wedding I have dreamed of. This only happens once! So I took a few items into Plato's closet, that was a huge bust. I got $13 for 4 shirts. 

I should be grateful that at least I walked out with more money than I had.

$13 could only buy me like 2 KFC mashed potato bowls...dammit

So I figure I would take a stab at selling just a few of my clothes...Don't judge me if YOU don't like them. lol 

here is the craigslist ad

and since they would only let me post 8 pictures here are more the items I am selling

$3 for all the "casual tops" $5 for the dressier tops and $10 for the dress capris and Black Jessica Simpson bell bottoms 

Hey, I am just trying to clean out my closet and get the wedding of my dreams, whatever it takes


Lizzy said...

If you weren't such a skinny mini, I would totally buy something from you! I don't think anything would fit my fatass!

WillieJ Chalmers said...

Ms Kitty, your clothes r hot, I'm thinking of getting a whole outfit, just to help out because I admire your what you're doing girlfriend!