Friday, June 1, 2012

Washington State passed the Liquor law!!

This has been a life changer!!! and it has only been going on for 14 hours and 26 minutes!

Today is June 1, 2012

Washington State now allows grocery stores to carry alcohol!

not just beer and wine

Vodka, Rum, Tequila, Whiskey, Bourbon, margarita!


From what I have heard that other states have already had this, but don't judge us Washingtonians for being amazed and excited cause now we can finally join the cool people.

and I can buy alcohol on a sunday.

which I need to do

every sunday.

So, I have left work today because I am uber sick and needed some Ben and Jerry's, while finding my delicious make me feel better treat, I spot this section

I did not take this picture, because the one I really was at looked like this and I didn't want to look like the freak taking pictures and looking like an alcoholic.

I walked up and down the 3 magical aisles of liquor, booze, hard A and ended up finding the perfect little bottle of magic

Too bad she will have to sit in my freezer until July 28. When I can bring her to Raven's for my bachelorette party. But she will be oh so tasty!

Now mom's won't have to drag their littles ones into the liquor store and worrying about being judged, you can run to Safeway, Albertsons, Fred Meyer, etc

Oh I need

Chicken breasts
Taco Meat

oh, could we add a half gallon of Vodka with that too.

Easy as pie! now it looks like you are a good mom feeding your children, while feeding your needs at the same time. No more double stops for me!

So now everyone in Washington that is just as excited as I am for this new law
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Raven said...

buahahaha OMG I SO TOOK A PICTURE ON MY PHONE when I went to the grocery store today HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!

Raven said...

and Taylor, I totally bought a half gallon of vodka today at the grocery store. I SWEAR.

Amber said...


Ash said...

im in CA, so we are drunks and can buy everything everywhere.. even Target!

but i've been to AZ and VA and both places only sell liquor at liquor stores... and in VA, you cant buy SHIT on sunday!

Carly Ann said...

YES! I am kind of REALLY excited. Except I worry that the prices could be all kinds of jacked up, so we will wait and see. I still gotta check it out though :)

Curly Girl Confessions said...

In Texas, you have to buy liquor at a liquor store and can only buy beer on Sundays after Noon. Lame. Damn Bible belt shizz. :) I'm jealous!

Amber said...

Lol... that is awesome!!! We have always been able to buy in grocery stores for as long as I remember, but it was a pretty big deal when my county allowed stores and restaurants to sell on Sunday, not too long ago. Now they allow bars to serve at 7AM on a Sunday if they pay an extra annual fee... comes in handy when I am on vacation :)

Emily Hope said...

Now do you think that Washington could convince Canada to sell booze in the grocery store? This would make my life a lot easier.

Nikole E! said...

Living in Texas we have waaaaay too many liquor laws : [

I was in AZ last summer and ran by the grocery store at 11am on a Sunday & could buy liquor... amazing!!

I am jealous. I am guessing we will be that last state to join in on that.

Lindsey @ The Hill House said...

Ha, I would've taken a picture! :) In GA they JUST passed the law for grocery stores to be able to sell beer/wine on Sundays, but not until after either noon or 1:00. But no liquor in the grocery stores for that. Still gotta make two stops, and I've gotten the side-eye a few times for taking my kids into the liquor store with me. Makes me want to say "Hey, spend 15 minutes with my kids and you'll understand!!" :)

Annabelle said...

Here in SC we can't buy anything but beer and wine in grocery stores. "Gotta hit up tha lickra stoe on tha cowna!" (read that out loud three times! ha) They just have passed a law a few years ago where you can buy things that are non-grocery items before noon on Sundays!

Ioana-Carmen said...

Hy doll! lovely post! what do u say about following each other?:X

Brittany Taylor said...

I'm in MD & we have to either jump the Border to West Virginia to get liquor at convenience stores or go to the good ol' liquor store .. I'm jealous!

Renee said...

I sooo get your excitement! MS doesn't have liquor in the grocery store either so now that I'm in CA it's like a whole new world!!