Tuesday, June 12, 2012

That time I was in a Diet Coke Commercial...

HI!!!! Did you miss me?!

I am making this short and sweet!

but I was reminiscing on old photos and old memories and I forgot to tell you...my bestest bloggy friends

I was in a Diet Coke commercial

Me and Le ex-boyfriend and I were asked to do a Diet Coke commercial

We made freaking thousands of dollars and I bought everything designer I could get my hands on, until every last dime was spent.

Ok no we didn't get paid anything but I got to be on TV and that was more than enough satisfaction for  me. 

We are the couple making out under the tree

I had REALLY dark hair at the time

but here is my small claim to fame on top of all the other attention antics I do

Diet Coke - Love it Light from Keith Rivers on Vimeo.


Carly Ann said...

Ha, that's awesome!

Annabelle said...

Famous I tell ya, FAMOUS! Can I have your autograph please?

Tickled Pink said...

haha love it!!

Amber said...

I love it!!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! I wish I could be in a commercial :)

Sam @ reddyorknot.blogspot.com said...

what?!! this is so awesome!! Did you have a viewing party when it came on for the first time? lol