Thursday, September 29, 2011

Homeward Bound

I am back bloggers!

I have been out visiting the most spectacular city in which I am honored to call my home, The Emerald City, filled with hours of long traffic lines, lots of transients walking around asking you for either beer or weed, the smell of the fish at Pike Place Market, the long boarders down at alki, and of course my favorite is Green Lake.


I was here in this gorgeous city all week for a staff meeting...

No one wants to hear about that...let's skip to the day of the last meeting...

My beautiful cousin, Ashley and one of my best friends, Alissa share the same birthday, I was honored to be able to go out with them both to a show called CAN CAN...

HIGHLY recommended if you ever go to Seattle!!!

All us girls got dolled up to go see this show,

 mind you I have never been and had no idea what was in store for me

Could someone please tell me how I "write" on the photos..?

We have from Left ==> Right

April, Alissa, Bethany, Suzie, myself, and Ashley

$45.00 gets you your own table and 2 glasses of champagne!!!

plus you get to see the most amazing show...ever..
filled with crazy dancing

artsy costumes

and WILD imaginations all played out before you

Do any of you have ANY idea what you are looking at?

Oh and I forgot to mention they have sex on stage

Oh wait no they didn't I think one of the girls was just hoping they would pull her up and make her do the unbelievable like she wanted~~

I can't begin to emphasize how much this show reached out and grabbed me!

I am planning all my events around the Can Can show everytime I go to Seattle!

My Can Can Cousin!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Best Lunch Ever!

I would NEVER EVER EVER EVER in a million years blog while I am at work...but everything calls to break the rules sometimes right?

Today before boyfriend left for work he said he packed me a lunch <1st time for everything!>

I thanked him, gave him smoochies as he headed out the door.

now I am on this health kick and trying to be really good of only eating healthy stuff and looking at what i eat, cause Raven can vouge on my eating habits of practically living off of Mocha Milkshakes and Sour Patch Watermelons! of and of course cheese Quesadillas!

Anyways I am just sitting down for lunch and pull out everything he packed me...

I just think this is the most sweetest lunch ever! and totally perfect for me, plus i have my umptten amounts of water after to wask it all down with after my cute little juice box

Super healthy!
Super Yummy
and Super easy to pack!!

any other ideas for quick on the go lunches?!

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Nothing makes me more excited than watching my team(s) play on Sunday!!!

Now I get crap from all around for who I really root for...

I think I have a valid explanation for ALL my "rooting ways"

Numero uno...


I am born and raised in the Emerald City, you HAVE to support your own team, whether they are good, average, or terrible. I am always a hawks fan

p.s. i know I need a new jersey since Hasselbeck is no longer on our team :/

Numero Dos...
I learned to LOVE the Saints!

This would be MY team, I always choose them and I always am sporting their symbol (tattoo on my arm)

I learned to the love the saints I learned about their team so I think I am still able to be a "fan" of them AND the Hawks

Numero Tres...

cause everything good comes in 3's

Da Raiders..

They make me crazy

My ENTIRE mom's side of the family have been Raider fans, for biggest fans I would guess a tie between her and my cousin Ashely, who sports a Raiders watch and Raiders phone case

I grew up with just this Raider Frenzy in my head before even knowing the team...and I think we will all agree the Raiders will be on top yet again when Al Davis dies...
I know..he scares me too..


While I sit her watching these 3 teams today, with a starbucks in hand and mud mask on my face I know I love all of them and am damn well able to love them all for my personal reasons!

I get the crap from the guys saying I have to pick 1 team and stay with them, but I think Loving my home team, learning to love another team, and having another one that just runs through my families veins...which I can't help to love...I am able to root for all of them and be happy when each ones wins! at least i have a better chance of all of them losing in 1 day...then I wouldn't be too happy.

and let's give it up to women who actually like football and don't watch it for the attention! 

learn the game and love your teams!!!

I will leave you with the Saint's chant..

"When my team comes marching in i'll be yelling, "geaux, fight, win" whether watching from the stands or watching at home there's nothing like playing at the dome. Proud to wear my Black and Gold rooting for my team never gets old. No matter what the situation I'm proud to be a member of the WHO DAT NATION!!!!"

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I have just been inspired by the new Missoni Target ad!

I think these are very retro and I totes want to sport this!

Honestly I can not wait to get this 70's outfit for myself!

maybe I will have to buy some goldfish high heels and the big round sunglasses...

Yes, i will be the hit around Spokavegas getting my swerve on in this giddy-up!


Are you effin kidding me?!

What makes this style..a style?

I would want to put someone on a wall in a museum with a bunch of the Native American artifacts, i think they would fit in nicely with the navajo rugs

Oh look at this nice rug

and now this girl is wearing it!
This is what I call chique!

I think I will stick with my lumberjack style

Flannel=Garbage Inc.
Skinny Jeans= Garbage inc.

The only blanket I will wear is....


Monday, September 12, 2011

The new addition...

Peanut has guided us once again!

I knew she would lead us to get the dog that attacked her, but now she has also graced us with a new addition to our family!

Meet Cyri
She is our new baby girl! She is a PomChi, but we are calling her a "bomchi" cause B doesn't like to be walking around talking about his "pomchi"(: 

I am very delighted to have her in our family, her and Lola are getting along, Lola definitely lets her know who is boss. 

Already taken her first Number 1 and Number 2...outside!!!

No accidents in the house!!

Not the best picture two babies!
His little girl!

I am so happy to have Cyri in my life, I am sure Peanut will put her spirit in this loving puppy, she is so cute, did awesome hr first night in her crate, whines a bit but went let me know when she had to go potty.

This little girl is growing to grow with me, I want to show her everything and give her the best life possible.  


So since I wasn't able to post this right when I got Cyri, I figured I would combine this post of our weekend to Montana so see "grandma"  

We drove out to Montucky 
Slang term for the smaller podunk areas of Montana. Using this term when in Montana implies that you feel surrounded by inbred rednecks.
I'm stuck visiting relatives in Montucky for the weekend. Can't even get Guinness here - Thank you UrbanDictionary-

I am not out here visiting rednecks, but it is a very small town that my mom and sister live in. 

We came out for Brandon to play a golf tournament I had to introduce my mom to her new Grandpuppy...but after dinner we could only find Cyri with her favorite team..

So I don't know if anyone else has ever had this problem, a little embarrassing...but here we go

Let's go back to when I got Lola

I was used to sleeping in the nude and when I got my first and new puppy I decided I wanted her to cuddle with me all the time..well sleeping nude and with a brand new puppy isn't smart when they can't seem to understand you are a human and they are a puppy...are you catching my drift..?


I woke up to this little puppy suckling my nipple!!!

I couldn't even fathom what was happening coming from a dead sleep with this "pinching" going on in that area.


So now with Cyri, since I learned my lesson of not letting my girls out she decided that she likes to sucks my earlobes, she sits on my shoulder and sucks on my earlobes..

I am now starting puppy training...TIPS ARE WELCOME!!

Potty training is going great and she squats in the house but hasn't actually piddled!!! 


Hope everyone has a great day! 

This pup is off to bed

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Peanut is going to get to justice! Last night the boyfriend and I went walking around my friend S's house to find this killer dog, that did the unimaginable things to little Peanut. I wasn't going to stop until I find this dog and do her justice that her precious little life needs.

Heading over to S's house a little nervous but trying to keep my head up about what will happen, i am praying to GOD and hoping he will lead me to this dog. HE DID! my prayers were answered walking towards the north side of town, we get to an intersection, I look left and right we ultimately decided to turn right, once we started pacing that way, i had the hairs on my neck stand up when I looked back at the street we were leaving behind. I decided I want to turn around and start going left. I see a crappy line of houses and I figure that's a crappy dog that could take the life of another dog, so I must venture down this way...

SH*TTY house with 5 cars torn apart, weird moving van business scraped off the side and 2 brand new motorcycles...


What do you know, this Huskey/ Malamute Pice of you know what dog is chained up in the front yard (if we can call dead grass with car parts laying around a yard) with enough chain so he can stand up on the garbage and eat out of it.

real nice. 

Called Spokanimal police, took pictures of the dog, house, and license plates. I am not backing down! This is bullsh*t what happened and I need that dog dead, Peanut gets no more snuggles, no more kisses, no more lovies or playing with her sister, Lola. This dog gets to live chained up breaking out of the yard being a killing machine and tormenting helpless animals!

i'm one angry b*tch right now.

Anyways I am getting all my work done on how to get this dog taken into Spokanimals custody and put down, then I am going after compensation. I deserve money to cover her cremation and money to get a new puppy. 

I will not stop.

Pray for Peanut and Please I need prayers for this to all go over smoothly... 

This is going to be the dead dog. 

Peanut didn't have a chance with this.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Not a good start to the weekend

Labor Day weekend was fantastic! It was so much fun driving from Spokane to Edmonton, Alberta Canada! 11 hours in the car with tunes, the open road and my love....or I could sleep the 7 of the 11 hours and make Brandon drive from 10 o' clock AT NIGHT until 5 o'clock in the morning! he did so good then I got to drive in the day time!...


I think I should keep my blog in chronological order...


One of the worst day's of my life

My cute little Peanut who I rescued 3 years ago, she was with my friend S. going potty like all dogs do and a malamute came from behind her car out of nowhere and scooped Peanut up in it's JAWS OF DEATH and killed this poor little 2 lb sweet honey.

I never thought I could feel this much pain over losing a dog, she was the most sweetest lovable little thing you could ever imagine. I missing kissing her sweet head and her playful little rambunxiousness running around with Miss. Lola

She was so tiny but had the best personality you could ever imagine with a Chihuahua, they get a rep for being snotty ankle biters, mine are the most sweetest loveable baby in the world. I am so hurt and couldn't replace her ever. I wish I would have done my first vlog on Peanut but I still have yet to do my vlog at all.  Here are some pictures and a couple videos to remember her life.


So do not grieve for me, my friend,
as I am with my kind...
My collar is a rainbow's hue
My leash a shooting star
My boundaries are the milky way
Where I sparkle from afar.

There are no pens or kennels here
For I am not confined
But free to roam God's heavens
Among my special kind.

I nap the day on a snowy cloud
With gentle breezes rocking me
I dream the dreams of earthlings
And how it used to be.

The trees are full of liver treats
And tennis balls abound
And milk bones line the walking ways
Just waiting to be found.

There even is a ring set up
The grass all lush and green
And everyone who gaits around
Becomes the "Best Of Breed".

For we're all winners in this place
We have no faults you see
And God passes out the ribbons
To each one--even me.

At night I sleep in angels' arms
Their wings protecting me
And moonbeams dance about us
As stardust falls on thee.

So when your life on earth is spent
And you reach heaven's gate
Have no fear of loneliness
For here, you know I wait.
Author Unknown

I miss my Peanut more than anything. I can not keep my eyes dry for more than 10 minutes at a time. She was the best thing that had ever happened to me, She would love on you no matter what, Put her ears back and wait for a kiss on the head. Snuggling her way to the bottom of the covers always sleeping at my feet. She would look t me with those big bug eyes only to have the infinite love behind them. She would chase Lola around making this distraught "bark" which was more like a pig squeal, she was the softness, most gentle, most loving Chihuahua anyone could have ever come across. My heart hurts everyday since I lost her. She had the best family and the best life any dog could ever have. She touched so many of my friends who were all "small dog haters" you could never hate Peanut. She was an adorable little baby.

I miss you and I love you.

Sleep well with all the puppy angels