Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I have just been inspired by the new Missoni Target ad!

I think these are very retro and I totes want to sport this!

Honestly I can not wait to get this 70's outfit for myself!

maybe I will have to buy some goldfish high heels and the big round sunglasses...

Yes, i will be the hit around Spokavegas getting my swerve on in this giddy-up!


Are you effin kidding me?!

What makes this style..a style?

I would want to put someone on a wall in a museum with a bunch of the Native American artifacts, i think they would fit in nicely with the navajo rugs

Oh look at this nice rug

and now this girl is wearing it!
This is what I call chique!

I think I will stick with my lumberjack style

Flannel=Garbage Inc.
Skinny Jeans= Garbage inc.

The only blanket I will wear is....



Whitney said...

I'm a follower from Raven. I saw the Missoni line last night. I couldn't believe that people were going crazy for it. One person even bought $4000 worth. Just reminds me of a rug and Native American artifacts, like you said. That style is definitely not for me.

Lindsey said...

Don't get me started on the Missoni line. I want the blanket and sleep mask so bad. I'm scared to go to my Target because I know it will all be gone and the last I checked, the site was still down. FML!!!!!!!!

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

:( you don't like it?! I bought the blue outfit yesterday. I'm pretty much in love with it.

But your lumberjack chic is VERY cute. :D

Taylor said...

Ashley-If you can sport it than sport it, I am just saying this definitely would not be me at all. Some girls I bet can pull off just like other things, I would love to see the way you put it together! :)

and yes I looked at the Target site right after the commercial and it was down...I couldn't beleive it