Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Peanut is going to get to justice! Last night the boyfriend and I went walking around my friend S's house to find this killer dog, that did the unimaginable things to little Peanut. I wasn't going to stop until I find this dog and do her justice that her precious little life needs.

Heading over to S's house a little nervous but trying to keep my head up about what will happen, i am praying to GOD and hoping he will lead me to this dog. HE DID! my prayers were answered walking towards the north side of town, we get to an intersection, I look left and right we ultimately decided to turn right, once we started pacing that way, i had the hairs on my neck stand up when I looked back at the street we were leaving behind. I decided I want to turn around and start going left. I see a crappy line of houses and I figure that's a crappy dog that could take the life of another dog, so I must venture down this way...

SH*TTY house with 5 cars torn apart, weird moving van business scraped off the side and 2 brand new motorcycles...


What do you know, this Huskey/ Malamute Pice of you know what dog is chained up in the front yard (if we can call dead grass with car parts laying around a yard) with enough chain so he can stand up on the garbage and eat out of it.

real nice. 

Called Spokanimal police, took pictures of the dog, house, and license plates. I am not backing down! This is bullsh*t what happened and I need that dog dead, Peanut gets no more snuggles, no more kisses, no more lovies or playing with her sister, Lola. This dog gets to live chained up breaking out of the yard being a killing machine and tormenting helpless animals!

i'm one angry b*tch right now.

Anyways I am getting all my work done on how to get this dog taken into Spokanimals custody and put down, then I am going after compensation. I deserve money to cover her cremation and money to get a new puppy. 

I will not stop.

Pray for Peanut and Please I need prayers for this to all go over smoothly... 

This is going to be the dead dog. 

Peanut didn't have a chance with this.

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