Friday, September 28, 2012

5 lies and 1 truth

I am off to Seattle again this weekend to get ready to leave for Disneyland!

So i needed to end the week with some funnies...or embarrassing moments...or some are pretty downright ridiculous

So I think i am doing this post right...but if not this is the way I am doing it

I am going to write down 1 true thing I have done, seen, heard, etc in real life 

but there is 5 lies in there!

I am hoping this could be just a fun comic game


here we go!

Lie/Truth 1

I was driving to work one day and I was on a bridge, had to go number 2 so bad I couldn't hold it anymore. So inevitably I pulled over on the bridge and did the dirty business in a safeway bag with the car door open.

Lie/Truth 2

I was in a club downtown and a famous rapper was there. He walked up to our party and my good girlfriend ended up sleeping with him that night. Then his "tape" with another celebrity came out just a few weeks later. So now I make fun of her for doing him and her pretty much

Lie/Truth 3

While on our honeymoon since obviously we don't know any of these people we made up huge stories about ourselves and walked around with fake accents telling people we were from different parts of the country, until we ran into someone from a country we said and they started speaking the language to us

Lie/Truth 4

While bowling one night with my boyfriend and his friends. I thought my boyfriend had went up to bowl and when a strike was thrown I got overly excited ran up and smacked/grabbed his ass as hard as I could and just squeezed the living daylights out of his ass, to then have him turn around and it was one of his friends

Lie/Truth 5

I went to Mexico pretending to be some princess/ damsel in distress but I was acting on this high horse like "you better treat me like  freaking queen! Well while putting on this act I decide to have all eyes on me and slide down the waterslide. I slide down the slide and climb onto a tube at the bottom and get on it with my big sunglasses and lay on my back. Little did I know my boobs were totally hanging out of my bathing suit top and I was just laying there in the open.

Alright chicas! Tell me what you think is the truth one!!!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Justin Bieber guest Vlogging Velata!

You heard it first! Justin Bieber is at MY house vlogging for my new Velata that I received!

Don't know what a velata is?!

You can check everything out here!!!!!

My new friend Christy sent me this and I am already addicted and I just got it this morning. I couldn't wait to try out the chocolate, great for hosting! Great clean up! Fun little romantic evening around the fondue pot!

They come in all sorts of colors!

With all types of chocolate!

I used the dark chocolate I am not a fan of milk chocolate but I am definitely getting more packs, this is going to be great for halloween! 

No open flame is what I love about it, Just a small light bulb and keeps it heated up and this thing got the chocolate pretty freaking hot! 

loved it!! 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I am not going to start this off with a controversy of talking about my Seahawks Pride and how I was oh so thrilled we won last night. 

I don't give a sh!t about how. I am not oblivious to the fact of what I saw on TV, refs called a touchdown. I am sticking with a touchdown. 

It's only the 3rd week of football

Weekend though was absolutely fantastic! 

I cannot say it enough I LOVE SEATTLE!!!

Friday we left to go to the Emerald City for the ever so popular Mariners game (insert sarcasm here)

I know the M's haven't been favored in baseball in a long time and I think even people were getting Seattle mixed up with losing our basketball team to losing our baseball team

The baseball bat shrine! 

 Row 13!!  right between home and 1st base! balls were flying at our faces the entire night
Ya that's right!

Drunky poo was starting to set in drink of choice...

Yes, we drank short glasses of white chardonnay during a baseball game!

Gotta keep it classy while being trashy!

I didn't even get a hot dog! But all I really wanted was poutine fries! 

Waffle fries smothered in gravy with cheese curds on it

and you wonder how I stay so skinny!
 Dave Niehaus (knee-house) He made the saying "My Oh My!" when the Mariners won 1995!

We won the game against the Rangers though! 6-3! it was amazing!

(Mariners fan watch this, it will give you goosbumps!)

I had to get Brandon writing my name on the wall, that's true love people!

Saturday we started drinking at El Chupacabra which is this amazing restaurant in the "Ballard/Queen anne" Area strong drinks great atmosphere and the best tacos I have ever had!

yes my hair is the same from the night before,  I didn't think a wash was necessary when we planned on getting schwasted all day.

My mom's friend who has turned into my 2nd mommy took us out for this delicious lunch and got my buzz going before 11 am...ok maybe 11:30

next stop this morning was Urban Family Public House

Some of the beer they offer

I think this one was Naked City..i had to get something to fit my personality

Wide eyed much?

 All the taps
They brew their own beer right in the back of the shop, Brandon's friend works there and I was being a sneaky sneak and taking pictures of everything in here, I won't bore you with the pictures of the awesome bathroom

While we have our buzz we have to stop into one of my friends workplaces...


It was a fabulous time i have never been in a firetruck and pushed so many buttons to make the lights go, horn go, etc. 

I was like a kid in a candy store!


This list just keeps going on I can't believe I fit in all these activities in 1 weekend!

 If you have never had a Seattle need to go buy some amazing hot dogs right now

ok take the bun and put CREAM CHEESE all over it!!!

top it off with a smidge of ketchup

I love pickels so those were my side dish..

Let's hear it for the SOUNDERS!!

 A little tired and pretty drunk starting at 11 am isn't doing good for a match at 7pm

Welcome to the CLINK!

Unfortunately the Sounders did lose...

you can't really celebrate so we had to 

drink away our sorrows

While running into my cousin!!!!

Ended the night at Last Supper Club which is one of Seattle's hot spots, you might as well not even bother with any club unless you are here or Trinity's. My good friend Rory who I have known since we were 15 is always here and her sweet boyfriend is the DJ there and spins like no other!!!

I think I have given enough for the first 2 days of this weekend and will have to recap more tomorrow! 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Seattle Bound!!!

Brandon and I are headed to my home!!!

I love going home!!! 

Seattle is hands down best place on earth!

We are headed to the Mariners Game tonight!
(Ya I know this is Seahawks but pretty much the same color!)

I haven't been to an M's game in probably 2 years! 
I am not saying we are the worst team ever...but let's just say I wasn't spending money to go watch them lose

Tomorrow we may be off to the Sounders match!

Let's go Sounders!!!!

My amazing cousin Ashley is turning 26 so we have to re-do her birthday all over again at CAN CAN

On Sunday we have the TRAIN Concert!!! brandon bought these tickets for me months ago and couldn't keep it a secret but I am so excited to "Do The Puyallup" and see Train!!

I hope everyone of you can have as an amazing fantastic weekend as I am going to have!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Daddy knows best!

I have been career searching all week! Applying, applying, applying! Have not left the house for anything but to get the new tattoo...

but then after that I go home plop myself in front of the Television and watch all the messed up MTV shows..true life (makes me feel better about myself) Teen Mom (Makes me feel better about myself) 16 and Pregnant (makes me feel better about myself) I think you get the point...

My dad calls to check on me everyday

que "awww"

Well, I told him I have kept my chin up and trying to find where I want to move my next piece of life. He replies, "Well buggy (my nickname) don't get a job too fast cause I'm taking you to DISNEYLAND!!!! October 1-5!!!!"

Ok Daddy I won't get a job too soon! 

I went to Disneyland when I was 9 with my dad and I hated all of the rides! I cried, we walked all the way through the Indiana Jones Cavern after an hour and a half of walking through that damn tunnel we finally get to it and the waterworks start! 

I was bawling!!! I was so freaked out and didn't want to go on it at all! My Dad picked me up sat me in the seat and said, "Buggy! You sit on this roller coaster, you put your head between your legs, and shut you freaking eyes" 

"ok dad"

I white knuckled that ride with my eyes squeezed shut and my head in between my legs

Oh I know how to get him back for that!

We went on "it's a small world" probably 10 times!!!!

Ya don't eff with this 9 year old!

I felt like I ruined my dad's whole Disneyland experience.

I go to Disneyland for Christmas 2010

Wow realizing that was 2 years ago just freaked me out!

So I was there for Christmas and it was amazing! I went on every single ride and didn't cry! 

'Snaps for Taylor'

I feel like I owe my dad now for this Disneyland trip and we are going to have THE BEST time together!

How many people get another father daughter trip? I just don't see it as much as when I was younger. My dad and I went to Hawaii, Mexico, and California numerous times, every year was a new trip!

Then I turned 16. Had my license my freedom and the trips stopped, the going to the movies stopped. 

I want to go back to being a little girl! I am so happy he surprised me with this in such perfect timing! 

Any bloggers that are down in that area! I want to meet up!!! I hope that won't be moving too fast if we meet and obviously you'll have to meet my dad too :)

I can't wait until the 1st!!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

90's taking over

The 90's need to come back! I have been sitting at home being a SAHW...and with all this free time I have researched forums and looking at old sh!t that doesn't really matter but I feel the need to bring it back...Let's take a trip down memory lane!!!

I am sorry all this girl power, big shoes, and little gucci dresses were taking over my television this morning. I could not get enough of them when I was younger. I seriously still believe this was REAL music! 

I cried when Ginger left and also when the Spice Girls just couldn't keep it going and broke up, that was a piece of my childhood falling apart!

I was always a baby spice fan!


These little feces living, crying, food wanting baby in a screen was my life!!!

This was what would get taken away before cell phones in class! I had at least 3 of these and make my dad take care of it while I was at school I think the personal longest lived one was 28 days! Then when I had to start over I quit caring about that shitting little blob!

C'mon how many of you had these?!

I know these are still around but I much feel these were a part of the 90's and fit the list! All those crazy fun filled flavors...Cola-Lemon, Ice Cream Creme Brulee, and Melon Soda the list goes on and on! The of course making the whistle noises with the hollow straw!

I think this was the epidemic of urinary track infections in the 90's! This stuff made me pee all sorts of yellow-orange, green, maybe even a hint of pink...reading about this soft drink now, I wonder why my dad used to buy this stuff for me all the time!

The surprising of finding 90's kids stars in other shows!

Did you know Steve Urkel is the voice of Sonic the Hedgehog?!

DOUG!!! How could you not forget Doug!!

For your workout in the 90's as a teenager, I think now we get gym memberships at like 14! some even 12!

When I was a 90's kid my only work out was my ...

I could skip it for hours!!!! walking around swinging this around my ankle, hitting the neighbors animals as I make my way down the street, also it was great for tripping my little sister!

I wasn't as into cartoon network as I was Nickelodeon...but I do remember Johnny Bravo and the sexual inuendos he used to do all the time!!!!
I found this and thought it was just hilarious and so true
Like I said I was all about Nickelodeon!

Hey Arnold is where it was for me!!

Did anyone else realize that Helga Pataki had this abusive childhood? her Dad always paid more attention to her sister which was obviously the favorite (as well as prettier than Helga) The Mrs. Pataki was ALWAYS wasted!!! this women would fall asleep on every episode she was in! making those smoothies then falling asleep!? what does that say! No wonder there are more drunk drivers now more than ever, subliminal messaging in these shows that all of us used to watch!

I had to do a 90's throwback since my morning started off with the Spice Girls and most of the girls I have been talking to everyone seems to be in a little rut lately, I hope these can somewhat bring you back to when things were easier! Life was a bit more simple...but you realize how awful some of these shows actually were or things we used to eat. I am wondering what subliminal messages our kids will find in our shows?!