Wednesday, September 19, 2012

90's taking over

The 90's need to come back! I have been sitting at home being a SAHW...and with all this free time I have researched forums and looking at old sh!t that doesn't really matter but I feel the need to bring it back...Let's take a trip down memory lane!!!

I am sorry all this girl power, big shoes, and little gucci dresses were taking over my television this morning. I could not get enough of them when I was younger. I seriously still believe this was REAL music! 

I cried when Ginger left and also when the Spice Girls just couldn't keep it going and broke up, that was a piece of my childhood falling apart!

I was always a baby spice fan!


These little feces living, crying, food wanting baby in a screen was my life!!!

This was what would get taken away before cell phones in class! I had at least 3 of these and make my dad take care of it while I was at school I think the personal longest lived one was 28 days! Then when I had to start over I quit caring about that shitting little blob!

C'mon how many of you had these?!

I know these are still around but I much feel these were a part of the 90's and fit the list! All those crazy fun filled flavors...Cola-Lemon, Ice Cream Creme Brulee, and Melon Soda the list goes on and on! The of course making the whistle noises with the hollow straw!

I think this was the epidemic of urinary track infections in the 90's! This stuff made me pee all sorts of yellow-orange, green, maybe even a hint of pink...reading about this soft drink now, I wonder why my dad used to buy this stuff for me all the time!

The surprising of finding 90's kids stars in other shows!

Did you know Steve Urkel is the voice of Sonic the Hedgehog?!

DOUG!!! How could you not forget Doug!!

For your workout in the 90's as a teenager, I think now we get gym memberships at like 14! some even 12!

When I was a 90's kid my only work out was my ...

I could skip it for hours!!!! walking around swinging this around my ankle, hitting the neighbors animals as I make my way down the street, also it was great for tripping my little sister!

I wasn't as into cartoon network as I was Nickelodeon...but I do remember Johnny Bravo and the sexual inuendos he used to do all the time!!!!
I found this and thought it was just hilarious and so true
Like I said I was all about Nickelodeon!

Hey Arnold is where it was for me!!

Did anyone else realize that Helga Pataki had this abusive childhood? her Dad always paid more attention to her sister which was obviously the favorite (as well as prettier than Helga) The Mrs. Pataki was ALWAYS wasted!!! this women would fall asleep on every episode she was in! making those smoothies then falling asleep!? what does that say! No wonder there are more drunk drivers now more than ever, subliminal messaging in these shows that all of us used to watch!

I had to do a 90's throwback since my morning started off with the Spice Girls and most of the girls I have been talking to everyone seems to be in a little rut lately, I hope these can somewhat bring you back to when things were easier! Life was a bit more simple...but you realize how awful some of these shows actually were or things we used to eat. I am wondering what subliminal messages our kids will find in our shows?!


Ash said...

this is how i know we will be instant friends (:

PS do yourself a favor, put on spice girls pandora... it's THE BEST

Sheryl said...

lol!!! I couldn't agree with you more! I jamn to the 1990's station on iheartradio every day at the office! Tamagotchi!!! I loved it - I gave up on mine because the batteries died :( I wonder what is going to be the "it" thing for our kids?!

Amber said...

This brings back such good memories. I am so glad some of the 90s groups are coming back together :)

Cate said...

Taylor, reading this made me smile! I remember all of these things! When I was in 4th grade, a girl had a keychain of 15 Tamagotchis! I sat at her desk when we switched classrooms for Math/English, and she used to pay me $5 a day to take care of them for a couple hours. Crazy!

I'm so glad you're excited to be a SAHW! My prayers for you must have worked ;)

Christy said...

I recently got Sirius XM for my husband & I can not get enough of the 90's channel. I can sign & dance to every single song while the husband and daughter stare at me with complete embarrassment. Seriously though, you simply can NOT be in a crap ass mood with those jams going! The BEST!!!

Whitney @ Everything Happens For a Reason said...

I LOVED HEY ARNOLD! I had tons of those Tamogotchis. I was at basketball camp, and a girl showed me how to change the time... that way it would sleep, during the day. Well, I forgot about it. Cue nighttime. I kept getting up and out of bed, because it was hungry and pooping and whatnot. It eventually died, and then I realized that I forgot I changed the time. Oops.

Audrie Is... said...

Oh I so love this!! I seriously was obsessed with every single thing you put on here!! My sister and I were so obsessed Hey Arnold its ridiculous lol "football head!"

If I were you, I'd add "spice girls" to your pandora, love!! Holy 90's flashback of every great song!

Kristine said...

Dude, I was a TOTAL Baby Spice believer. My friends and I all dressed up as the Spice Girls just to go watch Spice World in theaters. Try not to be too jealous. And my tamagotchi? That sucker died all.the.time on me! Was I really that neglectful? No comment.
That Doug facebook status and comments had me cracking up. Who comes up with these things? I wish it was me because I'd probably be rich if I had.

Pamela said...

Ohh, I LLLLOOOOVVVVEEEE this post!! I miss the 90's.

Anonymous said...

I'll have to break it down like this: Spice Girl fan 110%. I had the movie, the tapes, mouse pad, pencils, notebooks, books, etc. I died a little inside when the split up.
My Tamagotchi lasted forever! I couldn't set that stupid thing down. They sure did poop a lot.. I think it got me prepared for how much babies poop.
I loved Doug and Hey Arnold! Oh man. I'm so ready to go back to the 90's!
This post pretty much rocks my socks off.

Tickled Pink said...

Hilarious- brings back so many memories!!

Betsy Lynn said...

This is great!! Gah...sooo many memories! :)

Jodie said...

Reading this just made me thinking... oh yes I'm totally following this girl! :) Love this and it just brings back so many awesome memories!! I love the Spice Girls and Posh was always my favorite, I wanted to be her and still do!! Married to a hottie!!