Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I am not going to start this off with a controversy of talking about my Seahawks Pride and how I was oh so thrilled we won last night. 

I don't give a sh!t about how. I am not oblivious to the fact of what I saw on TV, refs called a touchdown. I am sticking with a touchdown. 

It's only the 3rd week of football

Weekend though was absolutely fantastic! 

I cannot say it enough I LOVE SEATTLE!!!

Friday we left to go to the Emerald City for the ever so popular Mariners game (insert sarcasm here)

I know the M's haven't been favored in baseball in a long time and I think even people were getting Seattle mixed up with losing our basketball team to losing our baseball team

The baseball bat shrine! 

 Row 13!!  right between home and 1st base! balls were flying at our faces the entire night
Ya that's right!

Drunky poo was starting to set in drink of choice...

Yes, we drank short glasses of white chardonnay during a baseball game!

Gotta keep it classy while being trashy!

I didn't even get a hot dog! But all I really wanted was poutine fries! 

Waffle fries smothered in gravy with cheese curds on it

and you wonder how I stay so skinny!
 Dave Niehaus (knee-house) He made the saying "My Oh My!" when the Mariners won 1995!

We won the game against the Rangers though! 6-3! it was amazing!

(Mariners fan watch this, it will give you goosbumps!)

I had to get Brandon writing my name on the wall, that's true love people!

Saturday we started drinking at El Chupacabra which is this amazing restaurant in the "Ballard/Queen anne" Area strong drinks great atmosphere and the best tacos I have ever had!

yes my hair is the same from the night before,  I didn't think a wash was necessary when we planned on getting schwasted all day.

My mom's friend who has turned into my 2nd mommy took us out for this delicious lunch and got my buzz going before 11 am...ok maybe 11:30

next stop this morning was Urban Family Public House

Some of the beer they offer

I think this one was Naked City..i had to get something to fit my personality

Wide eyed much?

 All the taps
They brew their own beer right in the back of the shop, Brandon's friend works there and I was being a sneaky sneak and taking pictures of everything in here, I won't bore you with the pictures of the awesome bathroom

While we have our buzz we have to stop into one of my friends workplaces...


It was a fabulous time i have never been in a firetruck and pushed so many buttons to make the lights go, horn go, etc. 

I was like a kid in a candy store!


This list just keeps going on I can't believe I fit in all these activities in 1 weekend!

 If you have never had a Seattle dog...you need to go buy some amazing hot dogs right now

ok take the bun and put CREAM CHEESE all over it!!!

top it off with a smidge of ketchup

I love pickels so those were my side dish..

Let's hear it for the SOUNDERS!!

 A little tired and pretty drunk starting at 11 am isn't doing good for a match at 7pm

Welcome to the CLINK!

Unfortunately the Sounders did lose...

you can't really celebrate so we had to 

drink away our sorrows

While running into my cousin!!!!

Ended the night at Last Supper Club which is one of Seattle's hot spots, you might as well not even bother with any club unless you are here or Trinity's. My good friend Rory who I have known since we were 15 is always here and her sweet boyfriend is the DJ there and spins like no other!!!

I think I have given enough for the first 2 days of this weekend and will have to recap more tomorrow! 


Anonymous said...

Geez lady did you have enough fun in Seattle?! Haha! Looks like you guys had a blast :D Super jealous you got to play with all the neat buttons in a firetruck! Glad you guys had such a great time and got to have your hotdog!

Nikki said...

Looks like it was fun weekend for you! You have some weird hotdog toppings though. cheese curds...that just scared the living bejesus outta me. I had them in WI in July and wanted to puke.

Kristine said...

Looks like you had a blast girly! Love all the pictures! :)

Carly Ann said...

Ugh, I am so sick of the replacement refs! They are going to just make everybody mad and not want to watch football anymore!
But I must say I will take a Seahawks win anyday :)

Sheryl said...

I can't talk to you anymore! Ya'lls game was hilarious though! That picture of the two refs will go down in history as the absolute most redonkulous call EVER!

But seriously, WTF is up with these refs? Something needs to change before they get shanked over this crap.

Lindsey said...

Just visited Seattle for the first time 3 weeks ago and absolutely loved it! Want to move there! We randomly found The Last Supper Club walking back to our hotel from the Mariners game and had so much fun we went back on Sat night to watch Donald Glaude spin. Made friends with the Bouncer there - everyone was so friendly. Way different than here in San Fran.