Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Home is where the heart is

I have had great posts from you guys about keeping my head up while I have been having troubles with my work. I was trying to hold my tongue to not feel like a negative nancy of whining about my job, so i apologize for those of you following me on twitter. I should know when to shut the f up when people quit talking to me.

So I will give an update and I am asking for ideas! My work found my blog sexually explicit for photos/videos/language so I went to work on Tuesday after Labor Day I was polite and nice about all the petty things that had happened that previous Friday.

I'm not going to walk around being a bitch just cause I'm in trouble. I may be 23 but I am a lot more sophisticated to not act like that.

I said, "Good Morning!" to my boss


I work diligently, get what I need to get done and go home.

"See you tomorrow!"


really?! This coming from a person who has taken me under their wing to help me succeed at my job and when he threw me under the bus he was driving by showing my blog to the big wigs. I get to be treated like I am not even there. awesome!

So I work Tuesday to Friday--Friday 3:15 comes along...
I get off at 4

"Hey Taylor we need to talk, you are actually removed from service pending the results of your investigation, you weren't actually supposed to be working this whole week and we didn't know"

Me- "Oh ok no worries since it's Friday 45 minutes before I leave anyways!

Them-"Also you should take your personal things out of your office"

Me, "wow"

So I am bawling my eyes out and no I am not fired but that's what they are trying to do. I will have my results at the end of the month to see if I am still employed. Which sucks because none of the things I have gotten in trouble for have anything to do with my actual work. Everything has been done to 110% above average.


So I want to start looking for something possibly new, for if I get my job back or if I don't. I need a change and a spark in my life! I am a bubbly person, very smart! and driven to be good at everything.

Best thing about being a Scorpio--they want to strive to be better than everyone else.

So I was born to do great!

2nd Part!!

I went to Montana to my Mom's house for our 2nd Annual Fallen Hero Benefit in honor of my cousin, Sgt. Brandon Hocking KIA 3/21/11 Iraq and another soldier whose aunt lives in Montana Sgt. Lucas Pyeatt KIA 2/5/11 

My Mom hosts a silent auction where she has people from all around the area where she lives; Kalispell, Whitefish, Bigfork, etc. All these business donate a few items to be silent auctioned off and all the proceedings go to The Fisher House, which helps wounded heroes and their families are moved onto the campus so they can be close to their hero while they are being rehabilitated.

click here to read about Fisher House

Some of the items that were donated

 My uncle who may have lost his son, Brandon. Gained my Brandon

Yes, this is Howie Longs autograph! he lives somewhere near my mom, of course I couldn't shake his address outta him, sorry girls

All items went anywhere from $10 to $1800! which the only item that was sold for that was the bronze Horse and Mare up top! I got a chalkboard pig which is so adorable!

We also had a raffle $1 for 1 ticket or $5 for 6 tickets,  for smaller items like car washes, oil changes, movie bundle, necklaces, and stuffed animals

This was for all ages! 

We did a BBQ where Hamburgers and Hot Dogs were sold for $5 and you got chips and a drink! 

EVERYTHING WAS DONATED! So the food was free for my mom to bring in. 

All the proceedings went to Fisher House. 

Our Grand Total

$9, 167.00!!!!

How amazing is that! In a town of not even half that many people in full population! I was so proud of my mom and my uncle was in awe. He is so happy that so many people care about our Men and Women in service and also honoring his son, Brandon.

This year we kicked ass!!!

next year is going to be epic and just keep building on and on!

We are trying to brainstorm more ideas in order to get more publicity and more donations to help the Fisher House. What I learned is that we say, "Fallen Hero" instead of "Fallen Soldier" because "Soldiers" are in Marines and Army but "Seamen and Airmen" are Air Force and Navy. We wanted to touch on "Fallen HERO" to incorporate all branches of the US Military! 

My cousin, Ashley made this video in his memory, if you have a spare 6 minutes please watch! it really is moving!


Tickled Pink said...

Thinking of you during this difficult time at work. So good to have a little break and be surrounded by loved ones. What an amazing thing your family has done with The Fallen Hereos ! You must be so proud :)

Sheryl said...

This one made me cry! Thank you to you and your familia.

On another note, I hope your work situation gets better. They are true haters, probably jealous cause they aren't as creative as you! bwahaha

Annabelle said...

I cannot believe that you are having to endure such stupidity! They are crazy girl! Just know that you are you and nothing less. I'm thinking about you during this time.

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Taylor! That stinks about your job!! :( I'm sorry!! I'm thinking about you! How awesome that your family is doing such wonderful things....makes my heart happy!!

Happy (almost) Weekend! :D