Monday, September 19, 2011

Best Lunch Ever!

I would NEVER EVER EVER EVER in a million years blog while I am at work...but everything calls to break the rules sometimes right?

Today before boyfriend left for work he said he packed me a lunch <1st time for everything!>

I thanked him, gave him smoochies as he headed out the door.

now I am on this health kick and trying to be really good of only eating healthy stuff and looking at what i eat, cause Raven can vouge on my eating habits of practically living off of Mocha Milkshakes and Sour Patch Watermelons! of and of course cheese Quesadillas!

Anyways I am just sitting down for lunch and pull out everything he packed me...

I just think this is the most sweetest lunch ever! and totally perfect for me, plus i have my umptten amounts of water after to wask it all down with after my cute little juice box

Super healthy!
Super Yummy
and Super easy to pack!!

any other ideas for quick on the go lunches?!


Lindsey said...

How cute of him!!!! Spring salad with cut up turkey lunch meat and whatever veggies you like + olive and oil low fat dresses!

Lindsey said...

umm dressing! hahah not dresses

cheryl said...

little things like that make us love them even more! :)