Monday, September 12, 2011

The new addition...

Peanut has guided us once again!

I knew she would lead us to get the dog that attacked her, but now she has also graced us with a new addition to our family!

Meet Cyri
She is our new baby girl! She is a PomChi, but we are calling her a "bomchi" cause B doesn't like to be walking around talking about his "pomchi"(: 

I am very delighted to have her in our family, her and Lola are getting along, Lola definitely lets her know who is boss. 

Already taken her first Number 1 and Number 2...outside!!!

No accidents in the house!!

Not the best picture two babies!
His little girl!

I am so happy to have Cyri in my life, I am sure Peanut will put her spirit in this loving puppy, she is so cute, did awesome hr first night in her crate, whines a bit but went let me know when she had to go potty.

This little girl is growing to grow with me, I want to show her everything and give her the best life possible.  


So since I wasn't able to post this right when I got Cyri, I figured I would combine this post of our weekend to Montana so see "grandma"  

We drove out to Montucky 
Slang term for the smaller podunk areas of Montana. Using this term when in Montana implies that you feel surrounded by inbred rednecks.
I'm stuck visiting relatives in Montucky for the weekend. Can't even get Guinness here - Thank you UrbanDictionary-

I am not out here visiting rednecks, but it is a very small town that my mom and sister live in. 

We came out for Brandon to play a golf tournament I had to introduce my mom to her new Grandpuppy...but after dinner we could only find Cyri with her favorite team..

So I don't know if anyone else has ever had this problem, a little embarrassing...but here we go

Let's go back to when I got Lola

I was used to sleeping in the nude and when I got my first and new puppy I decided I wanted her to cuddle with me all the time..well sleeping nude and with a brand new puppy isn't smart when they can't seem to understand you are a human and they are a puppy...are you catching my drift..?


I woke up to this little puppy suckling my nipple!!!

I couldn't even fathom what was happening coming from a dead sleep with this "pinching" going on in that area.


So now with Cyri, since I learned my lesson of not letting my girls out she decided that she likes to sucks my earlobes, she sits on my shoulder and sucks on my earlobes..

I am now starting puppy training...TIPS ARE WELCOME!!

Potty training is going great and she squats in the house but hasn't actually piddled!!! 


Hope everyone has a great day! 

This pup is off to bed

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