Sunday, September 18, 2011


Nothing makes me more excited than watching my team(s) play on Sunday!!!

Now I get crap from all around for who I really root for...

I think I have a valid explanation for ALL my "rooting ways"

Numero uno...


I am born and raised in the Emerald City, you HAVE to support your own team, whether they are good, average, or terrible. I am always a hawks fan

p.s. i know I need a new jersey since Hasselbeck is no longer on our team :/

Numero Dos...
I learned to LOVE the Saints!

This would be MY team, I always choose them and I always am sporting their symbol (tattoo on my arm)

I learned to the love the saints I learned about their team so I think I am still able to be a "fan" of them AND the Hawks

Numero Tres...

cause everything good comes in 3's

Da Raiders..

They make me crazy

My ENTIRE mom's side of the family have been Raider fans, for biggest fans I would guess a tie between her and my cousin Ashely, who sports a Raiders watch and Raiders phone case

I grew up with just this Raider Frenzy in my head before even knowing the team...and I think we will all agree the Raiders will be on top yet again when Al Davis dies...
I know..he scares me too..


While I sit her watching these 3 teams today, with a starbucks in hand and mud mask on my face I know I love all of them and am damn well able to love them all for my personal reasons!

I get the crap from the guys saying I have to pick 1 team and stay with them, but I think Loving my home team, learning to love another team, and having another one that just runs through my families veins...which I can't help to love...I am able to root for all of them and be happy when each ones wins! at least i have a better chance of all of them losing in 1 day...then I wouldn't be too happy.

and let's give it up to women who actually like football and don't watch it for the attention! 

learn the game and love your teams!!!

I will leave you with the Saint's chant..

"When my team comes marching in i'll be yelling, "geaux, fight, win" whether watching from the stands or watching at home there's nothing like playing at the dome. Proud to wear my Black and Gold rooting for my team never gets old. No matter what the situation I'm proud to be a member of the WHO DAT NATION!!!!"

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