Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Ladies! You remember watching those Herbal Essence commercials where the woman was scrubbing her scalp with this ultra smelling product that seemed to make her "yatch" just go crazy?!
Hair-gasm? Yes with the loud moans, loud 'yes's', and the man standing just outside wondering how he can please his woman as good as this shampoo, but in reality it is never going to happen...

I think we know how to please ourselves more than men do anyways

I have just found my hair-gasm! 
Arbonne Intelligence Daily, Self-Adjusting Shampoo with Tea Tree Oil
This is Arbonnes tea tree shampoo!
It seriously makes my head feel like it is breathing or on fire, in a Katniss, girl on fire kind of way

It is a great and amazing scalp revitalizer that also helps promote hair growth!
Do you want long luscious locks like these...

Source: via Kelsey on Pinterest

Yes Blake Lively is one of my best customers, constantly hounding me for more Arbonne

But honestly this has made my hair feel fuller, softer, my split ends seem to be diminishing, I cannot even begin to tell you about the smell! It is amazing and totally gives me a hair-gasm. I refuse to let B in the shower now with me cause I get my alone time with this shampoo

Little far? But for real!

I am trying to get Brandon to use it since he has some little bitty shiny spots on his head and he has to move his hair around in certain ways to make it not look so shiny. 

I need a thick mane on my man!!

After having that amazing few minutes with my shampoo I lather this across my scalp
Arbonne Intelligence Thermal Fusion Hair & Scalp Revitalizer
The Thermal revitalizer, this will promote healthier hair...notice how I didn't say 'healthy looking' you don't want just your hair to LOOK want it to BE healthy! This goes only on your scalp to help replenish the vitamins from root to tip.

I am no longer ever buying any hair products from anyone. This stuff is it!

So for the month of March I am offering anyone who wants to buy either products or both products I will pay the S&H, since that is where we all know we get raped, and you don't wanna be raped before you have the hair-gasm of your life

Brandon can smell this stuff all the way out in our living room it is so fresh so clean and so amazing. I am absolutely thrilled I work for a company that makes such great products as well as thinking about the environment. Everything in these products are made from plants, fruits, and vegetables. 


Let me know if you are interested and I would love to send you this fabulous product. 

or just have an average hair-gasm when really you know you are faking it.

SO I have been asked to do a giveaway and thought this wasa great idea!!!

anyone who orders from me go here to place an order you will need to enter my ID number

Once you place your order let me know, I will be able to double check as well

For one entry you just have to order
2 entries you tweet about Arbonne and tell others to check it out (with my ID number of course)

5 entries once you recieve your product you blog about it and show people where to purchase Arbonne

You will be entered to win a free set of one of the 3 below

FC5 Shower Set

BefoRE Sun Glow With It After Sun Lotion

BefoRE Sun Lip Saver Sunscreen SPF 30

Eye Shadow, SmokeTriple Action Mascara
I will make the cut off date March 12, 2012

so have your orders in by then! and you will be entered I will do the drawing 3-5 days after to make sure everyone has their product and if wanting to blog about it I can get their entries in as well!

Thank you!!!! any more information about Arbonne feel free to check out the site here!


Meredith said...

link to your arbonne site?

Candace said...

Oooh yes where is the link to your site?

raenutt said...

WANT! the beau is having some issues with "shiny" spots as well. as these ladies have asked, link to your site???

Sarah said...

OMG, I totally need this... I have been looking for some new hair products and have been trying to grow my hair out for almost a year now! e-mail me a link to order?


Violeta said...

I like your blog very much :)) Wanna follow each other? :)
check my:

Makin Memories Of Us said...

I'm interested! Maybe even purchase one to do a giveaway on my blog? Let me know!!

I'm comin over from These are the Moments! :)

Holly said...

I NEED this.
email me sweets.

Impulsive Addict said...

You know I love me some Arbonne! Why haven't I ever thought about doing this as a post before? I'm so silly.

Pia said...

I just came across your blog and I think I am in love with you. Ha. I am so looking forward to more posts!
And I am in desperate need of a hair-gasm, so I'll have to remember this shampoo! :)