Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Needing that little pick me up!

I am getting reckless of my job! 
I know a lot of people complain about their job and really I have nothing to complain about.

I make triple what my friends make at my age

I am able to buy what I want to buy when I want to buy it. 

But there is something empty inside. My job doesn't bring out the joy in me anymore. I don't really feel respected. I don't wake up waiting to make a difference in something in the world!

I was alwasy hoping I would have this office and have it be bright and fulfill my day each and every time I went in. I have a boss that asks me to be more "take charge" and I feel like I have done what I can to spruce up what needs it in our building, but I am not good enough. 

I am not trying to throw a pity party.
I found this and try to live by it...

I need a re vamp...I re-did the hair 
I bought a new outfit
Jacket is half-sies but stupid here wore a red shirt
forever 21 jacket, BKE jeans, forever 21 shoes

I think this is just a down month! i know everyone has struggles and mine I shouldn't even be whiny right now, I just don't feel in a good place with my job.

But can only hope for the best.


Lizzy said...

I'm looking for a job, and I think I should work with you!!! See if your company would hire me. I'd bring sparkles to your eyes everyday! ;)

Holly said...

First off that black and yellow outfit up there I love.
Second I love your blue shoes. Hotttt!
Third in all seriousness you can do whatever you put your mind too! If you continue to not be happy, do something about it! Your amazing, never forget that!

nicole. said...

what do you do?

Lay said...

I am definitely going through one of those months too! I'm in the same position as you... I make more than most of my friends and should be thankful for my job but sometimes I get into ruts. It will pass, I promise!

Raquel said...

I hope everything gets better soon girly! Keep your head up, something good will turn out :)

Btw, LOVE those shoes!!

Amy Childress said...

omg Taylor, i love love ur hair! looks fabulous!
love those shoes!!!

Alyssa said...

Loving your hair!! And don't feel like you're having a pity party! We all feel that way sometimes about something and it's better to get it out than to hold it in!

Olivia.Dee said...

its the post-holiday blues kicking in. i read an article. i swear!

KatyK said...

Those blue shoes are the business!!!! I love them. I have been feeling the same, but for opposite reasons. I'd love to come work for you town...change of scenery. Lol I just got a new job...hoping it becomes something permanent.