Monday, February 27, 2012

Hungry for The Hunger Games

I have been and now finally finished The Hunger Games

Oh wait it only took me 3...ok 4 days to finish the trilogy!

These are THE BEST books I have ever read in my life!

I am thinking i just may have to be Katniss for Halloween this year!
Prolly will have to sex it up a bit

OK but seriously when I was told about these books and being sci-fi I was totally thinking

"I am not going to be reading about some spaceships, aliens, and freaky deaky shit that doesn't happen. I don't read touch, talk, think about ever getting into Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings...nothing!" well then I freaking hear it from some old crotchity dude I work with about how great it was, and I had to read them. I finished the first book in about 7 hours! I just sat there and read, read, read. Couldn't put it down to even make myself some food!

Then once I finished you can't just wait around to read the second...oh hell no!

Brandon went and bought me the entire trilogy so I wasn't without the 2nd and 3rd book for more than an hour.

Started the 2nd book and kept falling asleep cause it was around 11 pm and I had to be at work at 7 am the next day. I would fall asleep and drop the book on my face, wake up and start reading. Finally had to put it down...

BLESSING in the morning. 


3rd book was a nice relaxing night after work 

I am counting down my days to see the freaking MOVIE!
I have my connections and already have my tickets to see it on opening day!

March 23

I swore I would never be like those twilight freaks fans and sleep outside before the preview, well that is about to change in 3 weeks! I will be out there, snow, rain....umm there is NO chance of sun so we can count that out.

I have been dreaming that I am in the Hunger Games, I am Katniss herself in the flesh attacking the Capitol! I wake up and tell brandon about the crazy things I am doing in these dreams. I swear if you don't do drugs read these books and you will feel like you are hallucinating! My friends that have read it have all said they have weird ass dreams! I freaking love love love the exhilaration I get reading it!

Do it now!



Anonymous said...

I cannot wait!! I seriously watch the trailer everytime I see it on a blog or on twitter :) I was the same way with the books at first, thinking there's no way I'll read the random scifi nonsense. Then I read all three in a week!

Raven said...

I am exactly like you!!!! Never got into Harry potter or twilight or any of those, and I said the exact same thing when someone told me they were "sic-fi" (cause I do NOT do scifi) but like you, best books ever!!!!! Taylor I am obsessed!!!!!!!!!

Summer-Raye said...

I finished the series in one weekend. I am obsessed i can't wait for the movie. I will see it at midnight haha.

follow each other?

Bethany said...

OMGah I agree. I lovedddd Twilight but I never went to a midnight premier... I am so game for a midnight Hunger Game run. SO excited!

Chelsea Coleen said...

TOTALLY AGREE with you. i got goosebumps watching the preview. i still do. i get SO excited. finished the whole series and loved it soooooo much. i have NO idea what to read now :(

Steph@ Living The Young Life said...

ok i just finished the first one and umm i'm loving it!!i can't wait to get the rest of the series and please tell me you think there will be more??

kelsie fennell said...

I did the exact same thing! I had friends who loved them and I just kept putting it off because I assumed it would be weird. Oh.m.g. I've read the series 3 times now!

Lauren said...

Yeah.. They consume you, do they not? I sat on my ass for hours and hours and hours, reading them without putting them down. I finished all three is in 4 days, if not 3.. I can't really remember. I love to channel my inner-Katniss sometimes.. not even joking. I've taken up archery and "the bow and arrow is my weapon".

My bow and I will be there March 22nd at like 7pm, waiting in line with all the other Hunger Game obsessors. No shame!

Elizabeth said...

My friend is currently reading these and tells me I need to start ASAP! These will definitely be my next download for the Kindle!

Pamela said...

Currently reading Catching Fire & can NOT wait til March 23rd!! :) Some of the movie (District 12) was filmed here in my county! Makes me EVEN more excited!