Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It's Tuesday, Tuesday, feeling so good on Tuesday....

My weekend was great for still having mono but still had a fantastic Superbowl party!!! I made these amazing little cake pop footballs
Going to have to follow me on Twitter to see

I spaced on pictures since I wasn't feeling like a million bucks, but it was great lots of people over and nothing to clean up!!!! Brandon took care of all the cleaning so I wake up the next morning and my kitchen is spotless and living room was put back together!! What more could I ask for!

I thought Madonna's halftime show was the shit!
For someone her age you have to admit she can rock it!

I am obsessed with Nicki Minaj and was ecstatic when she came out!

Then of course M.I.A.

I was happy she was on there..until..the finger flip off...was it really necessary? They picked Madonna because she had stated she just wanted a good clean show, no wardrobe malfunctions, no nakedness, nothing that couldn't be on public tv, and here goes MIA to do some publicity stunt. It wasn't necessary and I believe really uncalled for. 

I love you Madonna and am going to forget all about the finger flip off move and just say you had an amazing show...was waiting for her to make out with Nicki: but I guess Britney can only be that lucky!

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!!! 

Did your team win?
Any weird bets?
Any amazing drunk stories?

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Now who could resist that!!!


Bethany said...

I was less than thrilled by the show. I mean.. I was like, "Madonna?! Is this the best they could do??" I didn't even see the finger flip... how did I miss that? I missed Janet's nipple, too. I miss all the good stuff!!

Courtney said...

I hope you are feeling better! I loved the !

Courtney said...

I love the half time show. I am nicki obsessed!

jessica said...

i must of missed the finger..but i don't doubt m.i.a. doing it. i was surprised she even agreed to do the show. it was totally out of her character..i'm guessing they paid her some big bucks.

Holly said...

ahh Thank you sweets :)))

and I agree, I loved the halftime show! Madonna rocked it! I hear she is going on a world tour, I so want to go!

When she sang Like a prayers, I was singing LOUDLY ;)

Britt said...

I loved Madonnas show too!

Rissy said...

I LOVED her halftime show too! so glad you did as well!

love ya girl friend


Anonymous said...

Madonna put on a show...that's for sure!! I love Superbowl for the football and food - so much fun! :)

Alyssa said...

I'm so with you on MIA. Flipping off the camera was so uncalled for!! One of these years we'll get a good, clean show!

Amber said...

Why do I laugh every time you say you had Mono? Who gets that as an adult? You crack me up. Your hunny sounds like a keeper! I loved Madonna's show but she looked a bit stiff in the beginning. Loved LMFAO!! MIA was just trying to get some attention. bish. Love ya mean it