Saturday, February 25, 2012

What PomChi's love to do...

My girlfriend in Texas, Alissa sent me this link of "What Corgi's love to do" She has a multi color corgi named Gus who is the most adorable corgi I have ever seen. 

This gave me motivation because no ones puppy could be as cute as mine!


I put together a small picture show of what 'Pomchi's or Chiraniens' whichever you want to call them, but the things they love to do...

Pomchi's love to read.
especially The Hunger Games series

Pomchi's love to wear panties
especially lacey kind

Pomchis love to show their viciousness
she has double K9 on the side closest for ultra bad ass ness

Pomchi's LOVE to talk to their bitches on their Iphones
tough being so popular
Pomchi's love all sports, but support their home team
Go Mariners!

Pomchi's are very quizzicle
what on earth are you doing?

Pomchi's love to lounge around
please bring me some water with a umbrella

Pomchi's are part asian, so they actually aren't very good drivers
my cousins are asian and said I could say this.

Pomchi's love acting like a parrot and always resting on your shoulders
She will not sit on my lap at all

Pomchi's absolutely love frozen yogurt while they are in their sexy negligee
She won't settle for anything less

Pomchi's are very smart
She could totes do your homework
Pomchis love Mardi Gars
Don't ask me how she earned those beads.
Pomchi's sometimes go into demonic states
Her eyes were really rolled back 
Pomchi's love dressing up
she is just pretending to play dead, she really loves it

Pomchi's love giving their sister kisses
she doesn't care that her sister is not the same breed, she loves her anyways

Pomchi's love parks
She wanted to ride on the motorcycle instead of the sidecar. All in good time

Pomchi's do NOT like being left out
She cried for hours
Pomchi's favorite drink is crown Royal
My moms bar is in Montana you can be underage in there but not drink, so she wasn't breaking any laws
Pomchi's also like hot apple cider
She was there when we picked out our wedding venue

Pomchi's love lounging around 
They are always very spoiled
Pomchi's are always best though when they are sleeping.
even though she is quite the bed hog

Now I know all of you are going to go out and get yourself a pomchi! 
Have a fantastic weekend! 


Katy said...

What a cute little dog! Love this post :o)

Raquel said...

Awwww she's so cute!!

Ashley said...

OMG - the panties and the iphone.....HI-larious!!'

hope you and B are having a good weekend tay-muffin! :)

Stephanie said...

this is SO cute! I have a chihuahua and she has so much personality!! Looks like yours does too!

Annabelle said...

Cute Pup! I have a Chihuahua! She is such a diva! I love iPhone pic!

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habbott2 said...

OMG That is the FUNNIEST thing ever! I read this at work , laughing hysterically having everyone stare at me! Adorable dog and I am definitely following you now :)