Sunday, March 11, 2012

Seriously. Best. Weekend. Ever.

For everyone that follows me on Instagram and twitter you saw that Brandon and I took our own pictures to send out with our invites! Sabrina is my photographer and as most of you know she is living it up in Florida right now. I couldn't wait I had everything ready so we took a few pictures of our own playing around in a local park by our house!

After taking this picture we wanted on in the grass....well my camera fell off the tree as it was taking and this is what we ended up with
I honestly think it was a hit! and thought about sending this out with our wedding invites but I am too vain and require everyone to have a picture of myself on their fridge! 

Pants- Silver (buckle)
Shoes (Mix No. 6) DSW

I HAD to have my own personal photo shoot as well. Duh!
Erica-i thought of you while I "shook my tail feather"

Brandon of course had to have his own photo shoot as well, I guess I will show you his pictures, even though this blog is all about me!
Ok just one more of us

Brandon thought this was pretty funny....(sigh)

I was pissed at this picture, I asked some girl to take it who was there taking photographs of this other family...she didn't tell me the feather was backwards!!! I would have used this one to send out to people but instead of this looking like a peacock feather it looks like a duster.

You would think a photographer would notice and tell me


Our Urban side, which didn't work out to well

then a wardrobe change...which I hate cause I think my chest looks ginormous!

Of course after a fabulous morning of shooting we had to stop at this little place called "Italia"


Best Mimosa as well as this dish brandon got that was baked bread, caramelized onions and gorgonzola chunks.

Like I said OMFG. I swear I had a mini orgasm on my tongue.

I NOMED every last bit!

After our great pictures, and fantastic lunch what else do with our day!!!!

Oh let's buy a Chameleon!!!!

This is our newest member to our family and I named him, Ortega.

he is flippen awesome and just hangs out on my shoulder for now. He is a month old and super teeny so the puppies can't really play with him yet. In 6 months he will be full grown and will be about the size of an average Chameleon that you see in the stores...I would compare it to a remote control. 
(Which he is standing on now)

Our Sunday morning, not knowing it was daylight savings time. Thank you Rissy
We woke up late, got our Costco run late.
I am seriously surprised I didn't freak out and have decided that Costco needs Arrows, People can not figure out which way to effing go and then they stand their with their thumbs up their asses and carts in the middle of the aisle. Bring a list dammit!

I am just a very go in and get out person.
Sorry for my rudeness

Now i get home and unload everything to make my kitchen and fridge look like one off of MTV cribs
(sadly no krystal filled our fridge)

While I am putting groceries away, Brandon decides to get me a present.


I am now going to look like a super G in my Mazda 3!!! oh ya baby!

he isn't home yet so I am waiting to put up pics, he is out cleaning everything and making it all look like new, I will post pics when he finally gets home in a few hours but had to blog now.

like I said in and out..and this is how I feel about blogging, I say what i want to say and then post. no waiting. 

Follow me on instagram and see my car when he comes home!!


Like I stated "Best. Weekend. Ever!!!

Photos, Chameleon, and rims...what more could I want

Oh wait...a lot!


Tickled Pink said...

Such pretty pics!! And a chameleon? Crazy kids....hehe

Raquel said...

Cute pictures!!

Jill said...

You are simply GORGEOUS, just like Raven! :) I will follow you on instagram! I am obsessed with that thing lol. More social media, ugh lol.

Love the pics!

Kristine said...

Loving this pics! You and B are too damn cute! Can't wait to hopefully (?) have a drink with you and Sabrina at the end of the month!

Jamie said...

The pictures came out great!

Holly said...

The pictures turned out great!!!


Impulsive Addict said...

Hey Sexy! Great pics! I even got to see your boobs! AWESOME!

I love Ortega. He's adorable! Did he poo on your shoulder? Does he bite?

When's the big day? I've been a little MIA in bloggyland lately. Sorry, yo. =(

dottie said...

You and your fiance are going to make some adorable babies, you're both beauties!!

Congrats on expanding your family. That little Ortega is a stud.

Annabelle said...

Great pics of you two! You have one the giveaway on my blog!!! Email me your info and I will send it out to ya!