Monday, March 12, 2012

My new love!!! Contempo Spa!

I have found a new love today and it is right here in Spokane!

Who thought they could actually have something so great where I WANT to spend 2-3 hours there AFTER work

This is the Sh!t right here! 

After having an incident with being at a local tanning salon where the girl told me that I had a small rash on my shoulder was most likely because she would forget to clean the beds since she owns it and is broke so she can't hire anyone.

I laid in someone else's ass sweat!

I couldn't believe that the biatch even told me that she doesn't clean all the beds. 

Lie to me! and then I won't come back because of this rash. Tell me you used too much bleach, or ammonia, or whatever the eff you use to clean a bed. 

Thank goodness I only paid by tan, so I left

Now to Planet Beach!

I found one in Spokane, while I was at a bridal show, the owner was absolutely fantastic, informative, polite, but still did her pitch and sucked me in.

Today was my first day there!

I met my soon to be new bff Katie, she was my consultant, sweet, nice, amazing, great hair.

She doesn't know we are going to be Bff's but she will soon

I came in spent a crapload of cashoola! and started with my first contempo spa session of a Slimcapsule

it looks like a big huge egg, i literally felt like it would have taken off and I would have gone to that planet the coneheads are from. But it didn't.

I put on my body oil and lotion get inside my spaceman suit zip it all the way up so all my schweddyness stays inside this garmet

I look like someone off of ET

Then you climb inside your little space capsule and set the settings, I started on the lowest just to see how I would do

For 30 min at 150 degrees I burned 206 calories!


I was so sweaty it was unreal! but I felt rejuvinated and as if all of my breakfast and lunch and just sluffed off of me

Now to get my bronze on

I went in this bed called The Velocity
I so wish I had pictures but stupid internet won't let me add any to my blog!

You can see the amazing bed here

It made me BRONZE! right walking out of there! it eliminates harmful UVB and UVA rays so anyone can use this bed at maximum time without getting burnt to a crisp!

I look like Snooki

ok maybe not that orange, but I look like I came off a cruise! I have a nice golden glow and it is amazing!!!

If you have a Planet beach by your house I sincerely say you go! I was here for 3 hours today! And made my appointment to get a facial, hydration station, and tan tomorrow!

If you want to find one near you go here 

hope you all love as much as me!!!

bronze goddess coming at ya!


Kodi said...

That tanning bed is amazing!! I wish we had one close to me, I'd be Snooki Jr foreal.

Lay said...

Holy crap that bed looks insane! We have a planet beach here.. I might have to check it out... it's getting to that point that I need to start tanning... like, yesterday.

Lindsey said...

Don't even get me started on why you should NOT be tanning in a bed Taylor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We must have a talk miss thang.

Elizabeth said...

My friend actually send me a link to this same bed this morning! Haha! It looks so amazing!

I wish I had one of these near me. I know tanning is SO BAD for you, but I am glowing right now I am so white!

Danielle said...

Well I'm super glad that you love Planet Beach already! Im excited for u to be a member now! :)

...Barbie... said...

omg. i love this comment "She doesn't know we are going to be Bff's but she will soon" ... i say things like that ALL THE TIME! Hilarious.