Thursday, August 30, 2012

It's my vagina so hands off...crazy?

I am NOT a political person at all! I don't follow politics, I honestly just a m going to go through my life and whatever happens in the world happens. 

I also keep my mouth shut!

since I don't vote I have no reason to talk, bring up, or even remotely think about politics

plus it is a never winning subject and I believe Politics, Religion, and Abortions should NOT be brought up in a day to day conversation. 

everyone gets pissed 99% of the time...and we are all entitles to our opinion, right?

ok enough jabber

I am not sharing this video because I know exactly what they are talking about and want a a matter of fact I don't really know what they are protesting I just think it is hilarious and these girls are cute doing this "Call me Maybe" spoof

but on Vaginas



Kristine Foley said...

BWahahahahaha!! Freakin hilarious vid! Thanks for sharing and almost making me pee my pants!

Hanna said...

Ha ha ha ha!!! Okay - now that is hilarious and pretty witty of them I must say!! I follow politics on a superficial level, but I HATE to talk about it b/c I can't stand the arguments!

Jamie said...

I am the exact same way with politics. Except I get a bit feisty about gay marriage oh and keeping abortion a womans choice.