Monday, August 27, 2012

Sweet 16 couldn't have been any sweeter!

My baby sister is 16!!!

I feel so old now as I remember being in the delivery room as the surgeon cut my mom open and pulled out this black hair, short, squatty, covered in goo, and screaming bloody murder baby girl.

But she was so beautiful! I asked my mom for years and years to give me a baby sister since everyone knows baby brothers always smell funny. tee hee!

I got my wish when I was 8 years old and people ask me if I wanted to be closer in age to my sister that way we could have gone to school together, played barbies, played in general.


I got to learn techniques of how to be "motherly" with my baby sister, now being 8 years older I get to be the cool sister that drove her and her friends around, I let them watch rated R movies when my mom would leave for the night, I got to buy her cool clothes when i get my first job.

I have loved every moment of being able to watch my sister blossom into this beautiful young woman instead of missing milestones by only being a few years or few months apart

My first day of 1st grade. About a month later it was my turn for show and tell I had been the only student my teacher ever had in her teaching career that wanted to bring her baby sister into class....Oh and my new kittens!

Sylena in the middle, born with jet black hair turned blonde and super long!

She is a tall drink of water

She got her first car!! Happy sweet 16!
I took her bowling with my girlfriend Jennifer

I have to give credit to the momma for raising both us girls amazingly well, giving us everything we could want and pushing us to always do better. As a person. In life. Always be true to yourself and true to others.

I love my baby sister to death and couldn't imagine having grown up without her. She is a varsity Cheerleader for her high school, on honor roll, lots of friends, has a level head of wanting diversity around her. The biggest heart you could ever imagine, she has always been caring, generous, polite, sweet, and just an all around great person. I am so proud of her and can't wait to see where life takes her.

right now she is thinking of being a nurse, so if any of you ever get her as your nurse in the future you will definitely be in the hands of an angel!

I love you Sylena Beana!!

August 26, 1996


Annabelle said...

Taylor, I love it! You were rockin the leopard print at 8 years old! You're sis is a doll! She has an awesome and incredibly funny older sister that obiviously loves her! Happy Birthday Tay's Sis!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your not-so-little little sister! Love the pictures :D

Pamela said...

How sweet! Happy birthday to her!

Sarah said...

Happy birthday to your sister!
How funny that she was born with jet black hair and it naturally grew to be blonde! Mine did the opposite...

Anyway, you were an adorable 8-year-old!


Very cute pictures!