Sunday, August 19, 2012

Let's play some....fucktionary!!

I know most of you have read about Raven and mine epic games of pictionary

If not let me sum it up for you

1. Let's start drinking and play pictionary

2. Switch partners so you can rub it in your spouses face when they lose.

3. Yell at your spouse for drawing something so stupid for their partner, even though you are winning by a long shot

4. Reach over the table to see what the other team drew and accusing them of cheating because there is no way that mother you know what guessed that drawing.

5. Keep drinking.

6. Possibly throw your pencil, knock your drink over, or just turn the music up louder so you don't have to hear the shouting at how you suck so bad at drawing.

7. I always win. Raven's team not so fortunate, yet she thinks we cheat because her husband and I are the most badass pictionary people ever.

8. Now my husband to be refuses to ever play pictionary with me again.

These are just a few of the steps I can come up with when my family gets together and plays pictionary

My lovely cousin Brittany had to share this video with me that pretty much summed up the entire thing

Raven and I have had pictionary parties where a couple has broken up! He got up and left because he couldn't handle the heat that all of us gave each other for calling each other; cheaters, liars, stupid heads, idiots, etc. whatever other words were flying around the table that night. 

Thank goodness we ALWAYS make up at the end of pictionary unless we pass out and then we make up in the morning

I was watching the video from Greg Behrendt and I was mouth open because that is EXACTLY how it is!

Perfect pictionary win ever.

I am drawing.

Stick figure man.
Hat with raccoon tail on stick man's head

who is it?


Raven was across the table with my card glaring at Rob and I telling Brandon "They will never get this"

didn't even get to draw the stripes on the 'coon tail and Rob yelled his final answer!

The best part...

Raven: what the (explicit) how did YOU guess Daniel Boone?!- To Rob
and..How did YOU know who that is?!-To myself

I guess Pictionary can be a great tell taler of how smart you really are. So If I know who Daniel Boone is, you are apparently the shit!

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Anonymous said...

I've never had that crazy of a pictionary game, I feel like I am missing out haha!
Great win :D