Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bachelorette Party on Steroids


I threw a bachelorette party together for my friend, Megan who recently moved to Spokane and doesn't know that many people like I do. She asked me this favor on Sunday and I needed to throw it the next Saturday....crunch time..


IDEAS? What should I do, of course I know a bachelorette party couldn't be fun without having an abundance of penis's..

I think this is the only time girls actually like having a million wieners in their face

Penis Candy necklace..check

Penis shot necklace...check

I wasn't sure what to do..i know there were going to be drunk girls but what do i start with to get this drunk night happening?


The beautiful Diana with Miss. Lola

I must have had a little wee too much Pink Panty Droppers
18 cans of beer 
1 bottle everclear
1 bottle tequila
                                                                          1 1/2 jugs, pre-made pink lemonade

Amber was feeling the B.O.B  Battery operated boyfriend

and of course suction cup steve...(mind you I am not using was merely for  the party's sake)

of course the bachelorette had to get "douched" in the dildos

I had a representative from 

My consultant name was Heidi and she was an absolute doll!!

Some fun ideas for a bachelorette party that she instilled in my head! 

~~~Adult themed charades~~~
Guests act like like a "booty call" "Pocket Rocket" "Stripper"
I think you get the picture

The host played a story game where we passed a secret bag with a "prize" in it the story went along with some dirty things that had to do with passing the bag to the left or right, at the end of the story whoever had the bag got to keep the prize.

Then the Cherry Game
place a bowl in front of everyone and a maraschino cherry in it. Each guest has to get the cherry out without using their hand, whoever gets the cherry out with just their mouth wins they "virginity" cherry back, think it is easy? go around and spray whip cream in each bowl. Now you have a party.
Drinks are always a must! Especially at these kind of parties...some cool  drink ideas are these ones for starters.

Blow job
1oz. Kahlua
1oz. Bailey's
add to a shot glass
top off with whip cream
tilt your head back and swallow enjoy!

Get Laid
1oz. Vodka
3/4 oz raspberry schnapps
fill with pineapple juice
splash of cranberry
stir in a highball glass
and get laid enjoy!

We went to the bars after where the penis necklace had a part in the night...we charged anyone $1 for a bite of the penis shaped candy, then if they wanted the big daddy in the middle it was $5...

our first customer
The one who "bit the big one" was a female...we girls know how to make a party!

We ended the night wonderfully, Megan was a blushing bachelorette!

She got married in Hawaii with her love Chris, I wish them all the best of happiness, joy, and unconditional love.

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Kris said...

How fun is this! Just finding your blog! Looks like we share the love of hair! :)