Tuesday, January 8, 2013

4 days in HELL!

I want to thank all of my instagram lovers!!!!!

I put out my notes of me on my deathbed with a sore throat, full body aches, night sweats, chills, insomnia, seeing baby unicorns, etc. 

no one wants to experience that...

well possibly the unicorns that was the best part of this whole thing

Well since I started my new job as most jobs there is a 90 day policy before you get benefits, I thought, "ok I can deal with that, I won't get cobra, I'll be fine"

Stupid b%$#h.

Here you go throw on the strep throat with everything else on top. 

It was a sickness cocktail and I am 20 days shy of my 90. This was awesome. I laid in bed from Friday at 6 until Monday..all day..doing nothing...

oh wait! i did try everything my insta-lovers told me too!

Eat Marshmallows- ugh didn't work (because strep is worse)
Drink Alka-seltzer-ugh didn't work (because it was strep)
Put an onion around your bedroom- ugh didn't work out (because my dad freaked out and thought it smelled disgusting in my room and made me throw it away. Who knows that could have cured my strep)

I broke down went to a crappy walk in clinic that my broke ass could afford, they take a look before they swab they look at me like I am crazy and the nurse says, "Sweetheart your throat has puss pockets as well as the back of your tongue"

"Well that explains a lot"

They swab, come back not even 5 min and write me a prescription for lidocaine to help with the pain and penicillin

I couldn't drink that crap fast enough it was amazing and Tuesday morning I woke up my throat was back to it's perfect pink with a very tab bit of swelling. 

be gone disgusting puss pockets from hell! 

now I thank god the boyfriend is gone, he would have been like "Ya I thought you were cute until i realized you were diseased"

I did in fact do some pinterest things I wanted to try

I think this takes more than one application, but I was not disappointed when it was running down my face onto my lips. I was pissed when it dropped onto my keyboard and now some of my buttons are sticking. 

And it looks like baby shit smeared all over your face.

So if you don't mind that I recommend trying it.

Yes that is monistat chafing gel. Boy I was happy when the checkout person was a younger dude who I unfortunately went to school with, while dressed with 1 leg up 1 leg down sweat pants, my dad's t-shirt and no bra. 


I couldn't tell you how this looks because I was too damn sick to put it on my face. but it does look nice in the bowl.

Last but not least

Source: twitter.com via Taylor on Pinterest

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! ya right! That was not happening, I was stuffing my face with as much popsicles and ice cream I could get my hands on to stop the devil in my throat. 

I may try this after I am 100% better, but I hate working out and love being skinny naturally.

Yes I am being a snob cause I haven't had any human contact in 4 days.

I did some awesome pinning though of gorgeous girls with perfect hair and perfect make up while i brushed some puke chunks out of mine. 

That was the highlight of my weekend and my Monday night!

Back at work today!!! Planning on looking fabulous to show stupid strep HE DON'T OWN ME!!!


dottie said...

So glad you went in! I've had strep so many times and it is bitch from hell! I never knew skin could hurt until I had that! Glad your feeling human again.

K said...

Yikes! Hope you're feeling better!

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon! We have had a nasty ass stomach flu going around at our house, and now my throat hurts like a biatch. I hate being sick.

Kenya @ Life with Giggles said...

Glad you are feeling better!