Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Lady Gaga was at the Tacoma Dome last night!!!!

I effin love her! I think her music is amazing her message is fantastic, she just launched a homeless shelter helping group Regeneration, which is teamed up with Virgin Mobile and last night she called a random person in the audience (if you texted a number you were entered) and since the guy answered the phone call she donated $5,000 to help a homeless shelter. 

She gave speeches in between shows about loving yourself and how you are "born this way" just be happy and live life without "giving any fucks" she had a black Jesus...no joke...this guy dressed up and all night she was like, "Black Jesus when people talk bad about you, do you give any fucks?" He shakes his head no, and she responds, "even black Jesus doesn't have a fuck to give what people think" 

is it weird that it touched me? Those words just gave empowerment like "I am going to do and be who I want and just not give any fucks"  

Thank you black Jesus.

Alright, on that note! Getting ready!!!

I look like a bitch in this picture but here was the outfit!! I Gaga-'d out!!

SHOES!!! my feet were effin killing me, luckily I had this fantastic man next to me who would let me lean on him from time to time, no way was I taking them off in the Tacoma Dome...I would be afraid I would contract an STD from the floor, this place is DIRTY!

The make up! I started doing brights because 2 years ago when I went, I was in purple and black, and spaced I was in gold/black/white so I touched up the top with gold but left the pink and blue, still turned out cool, it's Gaga! I can be weird and mismatched!

She did have a Unicorn Hooker ticket package....if the shoe fits...

I didn't really wear it, my dad said it looked like a dildo on my head

Tristan in her nudey Gaga outfit

My sister Sylena, I didn't have much for her to wear so I just put her in something bright, and she is 16 she doesn't need to be looking as skanky as the rest of us.

My loves!

Gaga came out on a big effin horse wearing this crazy medieval looking outfit and it was just fantastic! i got a short video but no pictures as the lighting really screws up my iphone camera. I need to invest back into a real camera cause last night sucked for taking pics and we got so close to her it was amazing but the pictures white her out cause her outfits with the lights :(

She came out of this castle and it was just amazing, then for Born This Way, she had this big egg with legs on the side, so basically looked like a pregnant woman with her legs open and she popped out of the vag of this egg thing, it was just crazy she is so creative and it just makes it fun and not like she is just up there singing she really is performing

Her grand entrance!!!

This concert definitely out did her's 2 years ago but here are some old pics, do you like the outfit 2 years ago or last night, I had to "grow up" a bit so that's why i didn't get as crazy as a few years ago.

2 years ago?? or this year was better?

Happy Tuesday!


Pamela said...

Looooove Lady Gaga!!

Jill said...

omg girl !!!! i love it!!!! wish i was there! glad you had a blast!!!!

K said...

I'm not a huge fan of Lady Gaga, but I say if you're gonna go for it, go for it. I like two years ago better. :)

Vicki said...

I saw Lady Gaga in concert two summers ago ... she is amazing! I love her attitude and stance on life, I find her super inspiring!

Lizzy said...

If I had your body, I would never wear clothes.

Bethany Scruggs said...

2 years ago!!!! you look effing gorgeous!! Ok.. you're always gorgeous.. NOT FAIR.

elizalouise.bell said...

I hate you for having such a nice body....just kidding, I don't hate you...
but seriously....


Tickled Pink Mandy said...

Haha First off- I'm loving all these comments about your body. They are all so true. Your body is amazing!! I'm so glad you had a good time!! So jealous.

Bree said...

She is AMAZING in concert. I just love her.

Anonymous said...

I love your outfits!! For both of them, it's mean to make me choose. You look bangin lady :D Glad you had such a great time!