Thursday, May 9, 2013

We don't want no scrubs!!!

We all remember the late TLC song "No Scrubs" and we all thought we are way too good to ever let a man come into our life if he was a so called "scrub"


I know this beautiful girl who has been my friend for years!! 

(keeping name private)

She has been seeing someone for a little while now, where I think he is a smooth talker, she has constantly been harassed by other women saying they are getting with him, or he is messaging them inappropriate things, calling other girls "baby"...

Which I am sorry if you are into those pet names...but my name is TAYLOR...not every other chick you have been with. Use my name and get used to it. I am not a pet.

She keeps finding small information about him that never makes him look good, but he sweet talks her, deletes his social media shit, changes his phone number so she would have peace of mind. Then his ex girlfriend ends up calling his new phone at wee morning hours...

why the hell does she have his new number if he doesn't have this bitch on the side?? 

Source: via Lucy on Pinterest

I have never been a huge fan of his pack of friends that I ended up coming in contact with...they ALL have a steady girlfriend they are either dating or even living with, but they are going out with different girls who are convinced they are single and they happen to be the lucky one on this man's arm.

I can't fathom ever being treated or played by these SCRUBS...but are these girls idiots for staying with them, where in the mean time they really don't know what is going on behind closed doors, my girlfriend in particular has a key to this guy's house, can come and go as she pleases and apparently has left her make up and shower shit around...

But, are other girls who may or may not be brought home when the "girlfriend" isn't looking or having knowledge really have that low of respect that they could see all the other girls products and still go through with whatever is going to happen?

My girlfriend is still being wishy washy about this dude, because there is no proof that infidelity is going on, yet he has an excuse and my last straw was when he changed his number for her but yet the ex somehow got ahold of the number...

I just don't see how some girls can be that moronic, but yet I don't see why guys aren't more like " I want to sleep and grind on every piece of pu$$y that walks through this door..." be SINGLE!!!

There is no issue being single and being a man whore at all...but I do not understand the point in having a "girlfriend" when you are going to be always fishing....where do you get your rocks off to that? 

Source: via Aileen on Pinterest


Sarah and Stewart said...

Oh my gosh, I haven't thought about that TLC album for years, it was so great! I'm going to be humming that song all day now. :-)

I hope your friend doesn't keep this scrub around much longer!

Sarah @ Life As Always

ty said...

Amen. I'm old as shit now, but it took me a while to learn this one. Thank God I finally got it.

Anonymous said...

Ugh. I've learned to never, ever get involved in a friends relationship. Just support, only support. Otherwise you're doomed and they'll end up resenting you.

Men are slime balls.



Erica @Always a Sooner Girl said...

This post is dead on. He seems like a HUGE jerk. This guy,seems like the type you need to have their passwords for all of their accounts. A boy that calls you out of your name, in a way makes you feel like they have something to hide. If you have ever seen that movie John Tucker must die, Brittany Snows say this: Kate: Okay, let me guess. Does he always use pet names like "Baby" and "Sweetheart?" Yeah, it's not out of affection, it's so he won't mix up your names. And he's all about an unspoken bond or something special, but never about a relationship. And the whole arrangement was your idea, so you feel guilty that he cheated.


Kristine said...

Preach on sister friend! I have been thru it all in relationships and this situation is one of them. I hope your girlfriend finally stands up for herself and walks away... She might feel sad at first but in the long run? It's ALWAYS for the better :)