Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dating for 16 year olds...

My baby sister who is just too gorgeous for her own good, has her first "boyfriend"

I call her to tell her about my dating life and probably sharing a little more detail than a 16 year old should know about her 21 24 year old sister, but I am an open book and I think she tunes me out anyway, since I have had a boyfriend since I was 5. 

I call this little monster and she tells me "I sort of have a boyfriend, kind of..."

You sort of have a boyfriend, kind of??

I will not judge her grammar, I will not judge her grammar.

I ask her, "Well how do you kind of have a boyfriend sort of"

She replies, "Well this boy asked me to be his girlfriend in a text message but I told him I wouldn't accept it in a text and he will have to ask me in person.

Why can't my relationships be that easy?! "Don't text me dumb shit you better do it in person...and they listen!"

Ok gotta give the girl props for that...

I ask her what makes her and this guy boyfriend and girlfriend, what exactly do 16 year olds do

"Well we hold hands in between classes"

Me: "Ok well do you kiss??" 

"No, we don't kiss because we tried too and he got freaked out and didn't want too until we knew each other better"

I'm such a slut.

She then informs me that there is a 'but'...

My heart is dropping...this is her first "boyfriend" why the hell is he not perfect?!

"He does schrooms and smokes pot"

As most my readers know I am 100% against ever doing drugs, I don't care if my friends do them but they aren't for me.

I am definitely shocked as my sister has the same outlook about drugs that I do

I ask how old this boy is....


I believe this is what scares me about having my own little brats, the dumb ones get the girls that are too good for them and ruin their lives so young.  

Not trying to be judgmental about the kid because he does these things, but at that age...you're being immature about it

I had to suck up my biased opinion and ask her if he was at least a good person...

she told me he was very funny, nice to her, writes nice things on her Facebook...

bloody hell

I hold back my tongue and just tell that is what is most important, as long as he treats her good as well as never asks her to partake in drugs then she is fine.

What the fuck is wrong with me

I can only think that is the best advice to give someone who is with their first boyfriend and also who it opening up to me about it. I would hate to tell her how I really feel and have her shut down and not tell me anything. 


Seriously can't some nice guy write on my Facebook wall and tell me I am cute and hold my hand and just be smitten??

No. they normally want to grind their dick against my leg and ignite the sparks along my thigh. 

Can I turn back time and be 16??


Kristine said...

"But he does shrooms and smokes pot"... Best part. I hope he makes her happy at least? :) Loving you girl!

K said...

First boyfriends are a doozy. She seems like she had a good head on her shoulders. She already isn't taking half the crap that I would be, so she should be OK.

Nikki said...

"But he does shrooms and smokes pot..."

NO! Just straight out NO! Tell her to get the fuck away from that guy no matter how much nice shit he does for her or puts on her facebook wall! NO DRUGS NO WAY NO HOW!

Sorry it hits to close to home.

Rachael said...

New reader! Found you on the PNW Blog. :) It's funny how young these kids seem, but I can cleary remember being 16 and feeling totally grown up and in control. I think you gave her good advice, now just keep checking in with her and keep an eye out to make sure he's not becoming a bad influence on her! My current boyfriend (we're 30) told me he was a huge pot smoker at that age (eye roll) and he turned out great. :) So there's hope!

Sarah and Stewart said...

My brother is seven years younger than me and I feel like I have similar conversations with him all the time! Oh, to be young again... Lovely blog you have here! :-)

Jessica Orlowicz said...