Thursday, March 14, 2013

C-o-l-l-e-g-e...dreadful words

I am not one to bash on other for gaining an education, I tried the college thing for a few years and it just wasn't for me. 

I have always had that thought in my head that whatever job you want, you can have because it is all on who you know. 

well I don't know any people that will just pay me to do their shopping but i get to keep half for myself, I don't know anyone who will pay me to get out of bed and actually get ready on days that I just want to sleep and die. 

I don't know anyone to pay me to get on the internet and just people stalk for hours at a time.

I wish someone would pay me to be able to give everyone my 2 cents whether they like it or not. 

So..there is a few examples that I want to be paid for nonsense crap. I want to wake up and just have a $20 in my face as a gratitude that I am blessing the world with my presence

very conceited?

But on this rant I have decided to go back to school. I know 24 is nowhere near old...but I feel as if everyone at the college I have picked is just out of high school, they are doing running start, and I am there like "ya bitches I already did this once and had a career, now starting over, you ain't got nothing on me" 

of course I would never say that, I just smile and tell everyone I am 20...and a half. 

no you're not

shut up.

How to decide on a career though? i look at what my friends do...

I don't want what any of them do

Can I just get married have a few babies and stay at home all day doing whatever I want?!?!!
taking care of my husband and kids of course. With some vino close by 

I have taken practically all of my pre-reqs. So I don't think it will take that long before someone starts beating me over the skull telling me to figure out what to make of myself

Is Pinterest hiring?

I could work that job like no other! 

"Taylor, we need you to pin 50,000 pairs of shoes that you think people would want"

Then of course I get comped half or more for my excellent work.

What about sex toys?? there is nothing i love more than hearing peoples horrifying stories about what they used or tried and it didn't work out. 

Everyone is trying to be Ana and Christian aren't they??

Can't say I am not on this band wagon...

I could see the shit out of those. I would be upfront and honest. How tight do you need the cuffs, how wide should you set a spreader bar, do you need a Dolphin? A butterfly? or a Rabbit?

ok ok..getting a little too into detail, I would love to hear people's dirty little secrets though.

I could sell people my fashion advice. 


I am venturing out there to figure out what I need to do so I can tell people how important I am. 

not conceited

I am looking for what speaks to me, what would hold my attention for longer than a few years. I need something that will constantly change, I clearly can't do the same thing long. 

Source: via Taylor on Pinterest

What is in store for this bitch?!


Annabelle said...

Why not try your hand at cosmetology or being a make-up artist? There's always big money in Pure Romance! (the toys) I have a friend that was an RN then started selling PR and now her hubby is a stay at home dad while she brings home the bacon! Might be something for you T! :)

Annabelle said...

BT DUBBS- She's not an RN anymore either!

Angel said...

I am in college and I am 26... it is a little odd being in class with kids just out of high school, but I know people who make lots of money doing sentsy and things like that.. I can't I would just buy all the stuff for myself.

Raven said...

you basically described me with the SAHM mom shit. Although vodka instead of vino.

be jealous.

The Macons said...

Haha! I don't think I have commented here before but that Bob Ross shit had me spitting diet coke out. Dude if you take any advice at all, GO BACK TO COLLEGE. Seriously, shit gets real when you get old. Sometimes, at 4am when my 3 yr old pees her bed & is screaming & I am trying to wake up enough to punch my snoring husband and change piss sheets, I think about how awesome it would be to be back in my dorm, still drunk, next to a hot baseball player. Have fun :)

Kayti said...

Haha, girl I just found your blog on the PNW Spring Blogger Event page and I'm glad I did. Hope you're going because you're a fucking riot.