Sunday, July 31, 2011

Boat Races 2011

This was the very very very very very very FIRST boat Races without my Raven!!!

I couldn't believe I actually made it through this drunk walking, drunk swimming, drunk volleyball playing weekend without her. I think we made a pact now that she can never miss a boat race. Her shenanigans of taking off on tradition served her right for her "weekend in hell"

I do not feel bad for you for taking off during boat race weekend.
na na na na boo boo, stick your head in doo doo
My weekend all in all even though Raven wasn't there was fabulous...
Sorry for the shortness of pictures my camera died so I will do a sequel to this blog when I steal other pictures later

Terra and I teaching my Lola how to swim and she did awesome!

Brandon and I sitting on the grandparents dock waiting for the races to start

....and their off

Winner winner chicken dinner


The pictures to come are a little gory...let me tell you the quick story

I am up on my grandparents lawn with all of my friends, Brandon is getting hot and decides he wants to go down to the river and cool off. One of my friends see's Brandon making a motion that looks like he got something in his eye, I just being in the sun with a few cocktails tell my friend, "oh well he probably just lost his contact no big deal"



This gash doesn't look as bad once we got it partially to stop bleeding

we went down to the nurses station to get the wound cleaned up. Brandon just wanted to super glue the laceration and call it good..

we get to the hospital...which indefinitely was pretty quick visit

He didn't want any pictures....

Then he died...


He laid there like a big boy while the nurses asked him the same questions over and over and over and over and over and...ok i will stop because I believe you get the picture

More cleaning and getting stiches....

OH WAIT........NO STITCHES, they believe STAPLES would be better!!!!

The doctor used a staple gun like it was nothing and just held his wound shut, stapled the flesh together wiped it clean and let us go...


You can imagine my irritated-ness of which could have added a little something something if we could have had just a teensy itty bitty does of the big V...or O...wait  the big O could be something else. Well you know what I meant

Actual boat race morning, waking up at Raven's...where is Raven to make me my delicious breakfast...Oh ya she decided to go to Hell, I mean Silverwood.

Like I said...Na na na na boo boo stick your head in doo doo...

Brandon and I chillen at Carol's pool drinking Spodies never had one before and the pineapple in it was to die for!

Oh look Miss. Lola Bear decided to go swimming and then decide to have her own bed...she really is a princess

Brandon, Brad, and Kelsey...really not much else to say about that...


The couples....

My friend Brad's "step-dad" persay took this picture of Brandon and I at dusk. I am in love with this picture and so glad Dennis is growing with his photography

My weekend was great except for Brandon splitting his head open but that was just a minor dent in the weekend. We drank as much as we wanted and had a ton of friends to hang out with and I am super grateful for the friends and family I have surrounding me...

except for Raven...I am going to hold a grudge against her until she brings me a mocha milkshake to my house (:

Oh she did buy me a super awesome tank top with the Fleur Di lis design on i guess i can't stay too mad at her... xoxoxo


Lindsey said...

I'm glad you survived the weekend without her. Looks like you had fun any way minus the head gash, which I have not even had my coffee yet this morning so I had to look away. I might puke.

She told me about these boat races. They sound fun! Maybe next year I should come for them.

Taylor said...

I definitely think you need to come it is seriously the highlight of my year. I went to Spain and England one year before the races...and nothing compares it is my favorite part ever

Raven said...

tay tay!!! LOVE the pictures! make me so jealous! No worries, cause I will NOT be missing it next time! NO WAY NO HOW!

I missed not being at Carol's!! waaa! and I LOVE that picture of you and brandon kissing, LOVE it!!!!! I didn't know that Dennis took pictures like that??

Next year the pictures will be even better cause I will be in them!! loooove you!!!