Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Las vegas-Sin City

I haven't blogged in a few days, Why? ask..well Miss. Taylor has been enjoying the sun. lights, and Elvis's of Sin City! That's right, I have been in Vegas for 4 days!

What could I say about my time in Vegas? I was with my best male friend in the whole world, Andrew! He is the best! I have known Andrew since I was 10 years old, starting from the 4th grade in Buckley, Washington, now look where we are; I am living in Spokane working for the railroad and he is working for the Cadillac dealership in Las Vegas, Nevada.

My first night in Sin City was everything LESS THAN a sin. I got to Andrew's house, relaxed a bit while he went to work for the rest of the day. His boyfriend came home later and took me to check into my hotel, Terrible's-it is off the strip just a bit and not the most lavish place, but who needs a personal waiter and someone to hold my hand when I pee. Not me. I sleep here and that is about it. Nice commodities but nothing over the top. When Andrew got off work his boyfriend, himself, Chris (boyfriend's Brother), Nick (Nephew), and myself all went to this delicious mexican restaurant inside the Red Rock Casino, my enchilada was to die for! i didn't want to go out hard core the first night there, my flying experience is never the best so relaxing and making sure I was going to be tip top shape for the next day of walking the strip, shopping until I drop, then partying the night away.

Day 1

I bought this delicious bottle of Nuvo L'espirit De Paris which is a sparkling liquor that I bought at Wal-Mart--Awe the great perks of Vegas

This is my Andrew,  he is literally the best guy/girlfriend ever!

Day 2

Mimosas at 9 am to start the day off fresh

Then let's take another step to a nice 151 daiquiri

Swimming at the M...Amazing. Amazing View (wink face)

Oh..another daiquiri with an extra shot and a cherry..yes please

well..hello..didn't see you standing there with the camera

The night time...

I don't really have any words to explain everything that happened so I will submit a brief description with a ton of pictures...

Tyler and Melissa

I was starving and didn't want to dirty a bowl..nothing like ichiban in a pan

I was fixing my hair...

Oh look we had the same bra!

Heading to Revolution

Must get gas and pose before we go

Oh wait did i have too much to drink before we left

I think so

Andrew and Melissa

ready for the party

"here's to the men that we love; here's to the men that love us, but the men that we love will never love us, so F*** all the men and here's to us!"

Oh sorry i didn't know Ken doll was in real life

I thought i saw a spider, i was trying to get it before it bit him

I <3 my Andrew

Last full day in Vegas...

Shopping time!! Walking through Bally's

Pray to find something great

Oooh..he was naked

I bought only a few pairs of shoes....

I wish.

Didn't buy the dress...I should have
Did buy the shoes

I need this!!!!

I had an amazing time in Vegas with my best best best man friend, Andrew! I met so many new people and hope they can find the time to come and visit me.


Raven said...

Taylor I LOOOOOVE YOU! Me and you NEED to go to Vegas together asap. Could you even imagine!! You are my most favoritest of all time. Seriously.

me loves you long time.

Lindsey said...

Um are you pretty enough?? And I LOVE your hair. oh, and i'll take your body. Soooo I'm going to Vegas so very soon and this post jsut made me really excited for it. LOVE VEGAS!!

Amber said...

Now I have to go to Vegas, ASAP!! I follow Raven and Raven follows me and she sent me to your blog and I love it so far so I am now following you! Love your blog name:)

Zara said...

A. You are perfect!
B. This post makes me want to go to Vegas.

What an awesome time!