Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I had a blast this past weekend in Montana!!!

My mom moved there 5 years ago, I am glad to be here in Spokane where I can be right in the middle of her and my dad!

In Bigfork, Montana They put up a fallen soldiers memorial flag with bricks and the soldiers names. This is a rock that overlooks my cousin Sgt. Brandon S. Hocking(April 3, 1986-March 21, 2011) 
I will talk about that later...

It was gorgeous looking over the Swan River
Playing dress up in the corn dog stand...They do what they can around here to get by with the economy
Our delicious corn dogs and Bubble Tea! they were absolutely delightful...except when I look down and in my ketchup...is a spider!! I couldn't believe it I jumped up so fast from the table and the spider did as well! i was completely mortified, thank goodness I didn't throw up

Brandon, Myself, My mom, and her husband (Tom)
We had to take a few shots to get our night started...

Off to the Cajun Festival!!!

Keith and My Mom...keeping warm inside while at the cajun festival we had an absolute down pour! had to run for cover while umbrellas are flying over the fence and smashing into cars.

We couldn't resist

I know this seem shocking but Jena is blowing my boyfriend! 

This guy on the right would not stop hitting on my sisters friends...we tried EVERYTHING to get him away
I enjoyed my night...had a little too much to drink but i enjoyed the "Montana" version of Jambalaya..not comparable to New Orleans


Zara said...

Seems like such a fun trip!

Bree said...

I thought that last picture was a funnel cake at first! But I'm sure Jambalaya is good as well! hah

Lindsey said...

Uh your mom is hot too, no surprise! ANd that corn dog looks amazing minus the spider ketchup. I LOVE CORN DOGS!! haha oh, and I'm going to NOLA in October. I need you to tell me where to go!