Monday, July 18, 2011

Finally here!

I am making my first post! How else should I start out with nothing other than Mi familia I have an extended and blended family.

What best describes us....
a cocktail...
little bit of everything, but always sweet!

This would be my lovely step-sister, Jena
She always knows how to make me laugh!

My little sister Sylena Parke She is my little love!
Even though she is 8 YEARS younger than me and 5 inches TALLER, I love her to death and don't know where I would be without her in my life. 
She is a sophomore in high school this year, also Varsity cheerleader. 
She has to be with those long legs

This is my Mommy and Daddy
I think I am starting to look more like my mom
When I was younger everyone said I looked just like my dad
They have been great parents and are both exceptionally cool. My mom is the hip fashionista keeping up with her daughters and the latest trends but NOT trying to be her age and dress my age.
My dad is so funny and comes up with the goofiest things to say, he knows how to make me laugh and has been great in every aspect of my life. Being a young woman living with her dad he did a great job understanding me.

This is my cousin George and cousin Ashley. They are really my best friends! I have 12 first cousins and these 2 have a different place in my heart. 
 Ashley and George we just know each other, we get along, I can call them for anything and everything.  

This is my family
Aunt Vicki, Uncle Kevin, Uncle Jimmy, and Mommy (Janine)
Funniest group of people you will ever meet with the biggest hearts

This is my loving boyfriend, Brandon.
He like to wear women's hats and put my shoes on 


let's back up

This IS my boyfriend...Brandon
He played baseball in college and now plays on a men's softball league
He likes to golf, boat, and be with his friends
Very family oriented---> which couldn't be a better quality

He is a great man, I couldn't ask for anyone better in my life.


Taylor said...

My litte Taylor bug! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! So glad you finally started blogging! LOVED the pic of you and your mom and dad. And you and your sis. But um, hey, WHERE THE HELL is the pic of me and YOU?? We are totally like family. Seriously. Where is it??

love you bug bug!!!

Taylor said...

oops ha! ok this is Raven, commenting under Taylor's account oops!

Kim {Yep, they are all mine} said...

Hey, Taylor! Welcome to BlogLand!

Kelsey said...

welcome to blog land! I love Raven so I figured I will love you to! Your gorgeous by the way!!

Cajun Cowgirl said...

Came by from Raven's recommendation that you are awesome!
Happy blogging!

Rissy said...

and we all know your favorite relative is Raven hehe

love that you have almost 50 followers with 1 post! bloggy rockstar already..

and having my button on your blog (even if Raven did it) makes me like ya that much more!