Friday, April 20, 2012

Baby gates, flying Dogs, and Concussions

My Friday morning has started off with a BANG!

While getting ready to leave the house with my fabulous new extensions in, I must say i was looking rather 'Bang-tastic' this morning. I grab the puppy to put her behind the baby gate we set up so she doesn't have to be locked in a bathroom all day.

The little princess

So I have the puppy in my right hand purse and lunch in my left go to step over the baby gate...

Ya that's my foot in the bottom left corner. I fell over it, dog in my arms, I toss her before I fell but i ended up knocking my self unconscious. 

I knew this because when I awoke a bunch of fireman were standing around me, little bit of soot on their faces, sweaty and rugged. Making sure I was ok lifting me off the ground and explaining how my miracle dog called 911 with her paws and they could tell the distress in her bark and came right over!

No! I wake up and freak out because I am bruised banged up and the puppy is gone.

Oh it's ok she was on the couch snuggling. 

I don't remember her running past me, where I hit, nothing.

i stand up dazed and confused, nose slightly bleeding and the worst headache in the world. My dizziness took over my body and I knew I had to get to a doctor. 

I drove myself which was an absolutely terrible idea. I apologize to those I cut off and the stop sign I ran through.


I get in and they rush me over to the hospital for a CT scan, i hate being inside that tube! its not as deep as those cancer ones, but still having something around you that feels likes it's closing in on you makes me very nervous.

Then it stops spinning, I am still stuck inside!

They pull me out and inform me that the scans have a bunch of lines going through my head

I took out all of my jewelry....


I had to sit there and unclip all my hair extensions while the doctor and nurse (male) watch my pull out my weave
I don't really get embarrassed but I am in there not remembering what happened, tears running down my face from being scared I am going to die! and then having to pull out each strand of hair and put in a bin with them staring at me. awesome

They send me home and my friend Megan was kind enough to pick me up and take care of me. I walked like a crippled old woman out of the hospital trying not to fall over and carrying a handful of hair.

Now I get to relax at home all day eating a pint of Half Baked Ben and Jerry's and a mashed potato bowl with extra cheese.

This is the life...oh except I am forgetting the little things today, but all I can do is eat my ice cream and watch Smash!


Holly said...

oh my gahhh Tay.
soo glad you are ok!

TheCurvyDivaDiaries said...

omg goodness I am glad that you are okay. I know that had to been a scary thing. I hate those machines too. I pray you feel better very soon.

Raven said...

crazy ass.

Kate as of Late said...

Soo glad you're okay!
Similar thing happened to me a few summers ago, but it involved running into a door (I was distracted) and my miracle puppy did call my fiancee and he was able to rush over and save me! :D
But I'm glad you're okay love and that you had someone to take care of you!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are okay! I'm very thankful I've never had a concussion, they don't sound fun.

Jill said...

ah so scary!! I hope you are doing okay!

I wish I could come by and have some ice cream with you! I am having one heck of a dat well I had one heck of a day! Enjoy being with Raven!

Nikki said...

Oh my gosh I hope you are feeling better!

Amber said...

Taylor!! I am so glad you are okay, chickie!!!!! Now rest and relax, and don't worry, they see much worse in the E.R. :)

Tickled Pink said...

Oh my word. Quite the morning! Glad you are okay sweet girl!

Amie said...

Oh my gosh!!! Something similar happened to me last year, I was watching my parents' dog and trying to get over the baby gate at the bottom of the stairs with the dog in my arms...I realized I wasn't gonna make it so I threw the dog over and he was fine but I landed on my ankle it cracked :( I was home alone and sure enough I had sprained my ankle.

MelissMichelle said...

Goodness! That's insane. But on a bright note...I just found your blog and I love it!

undomestic chica said...

You should show us a pic of you without your extensions some day. I'm glad you're ok, that must have been scary!