Monday, April 2, 2012

I want to be a mom so I can know everything!!!

I want to be a mom soon! I am tired of not knowing anything awesome and those little tips, tricks, and secrets that only a mother could know!

I swear when I do my small household chores I get random things that I need to clean but seem almost impossible, but then I reach back in the "mom said" part of my brain and am able to do simple little tasks and save money as well.

My list...

My dogs decided to have a play time in the living room where my scentsy was sitting beautifully on my end table plugged in to where no dogs could get to it.


They knocked over the scentsy causing it to shatter and spill all the hot melted wax all over my slate floor and back door.  

I was too pissed to clean it up right away and was putting them outside grabbing stuff to clean it, well of course it hardens in 2.6 seconds. The scraping was ruining the slate.

Oh Mom comes into my head

"Put paper bag over it, and iron the top, the wax will stick and come off the floor"

Amazing. And it worked, took a little bit of time but now more wax and my slate looks great!

I sold all of mu furniture this weekend and bought new stuff, I wanted my carpet fresh but don't have time to deep clean.

Mom "Put baking soda on the carpet and vacuum it up"

Carpet smells amazing and so fresh to fill with new scents!
like I said i sold my furniture, my living room is not this empty

I wanted to clean my make up brushes after I told Sabrina it had been 3 years since I cleaned them...or i guess bought them and never cleaned them

Go ahead and call me disgusting now. My brushes my face I didn't care

I was not going to spend $$ on make up cleaner

Call up mom

"Oh just put shampoo and alcohol together"

The brush in the middle with the white tip...I forgot it was white on the end.

I am nasty. Sorry.

I am deep cleaning my bathroom since I am getting a new living room everything has to look new...right?

The chrome on the handle isn't as shiny

Oh mother I swore i would never apologize for what I put you through

"Sweetie, just put some salt and vinegar together and rub on the chrome, duh!"

Ok she didn't say duh

But fingerprints, toothpaste, hairspray whatever the eff was on the handle gone and looks brad spanking new!

This is my sink faucet! Just not my pic. B is in there and it stinks so I don't want to take a picture!

Smelly garbage disposal, which really effing sucks because I didn't notice it and when the mom was over "your sink reeks like shit Taylor!"

"Well, mom that's why I have you come over to organize my house and clean it!!!"


And I do say duh to her!

She buys some lemons, makes some lemon drops and put the slices int he disposal for a while before turning it on

Haven't had a stench curl my nose hairs since!

AndI got a fabulous drink out of it!

Cleaning your wedding ring?!

now this I knew you could put your ring in the cap of rubbing alcohol and that takes off the oils, but there is grime that will build up from either lotion, dead skin cells, or just random crap you put your hands through each day

Take a small cup and fill it with Simple Green, this is an ALL NATURAL chemical (well I guess it wouldn't be a chemical) but put your ring in that! 

10X More shiny than I think the day Brandon proposed!

My last one!

Wax stuck in a candle holder

My mother owns every candle you can imagine and the holders to go with every theme you can think of, I swear she has Chanukah ones and we aren't even Jewish!

Boil a pot of hot water, pour into candle holder the wax comes right out with a swipe of a paper towel

all my cheap candles I can now reuse for my votives that don't have holders

If you have some tips for small at home stuff I would love to hear them! These are just a few I didn't know and I feel like all moms know these little tricks to get things done without having to tear your hair out!

I can't wait to be a mom to learn all your secrets!


Amber said...

I am a mom and I didn't know any of this! I think your mom is just a rockstar!

Joeylee said...

This is great thanks for all the great info or should I thank your mom...haha

Jazmine said...

As you already know I'm a mom and I didn't know that. The only thing I know is that for makeup brushes you can use shampoo on it to wash it off and the brushes won't get bad.

TheCurvyDivaDiaries said...

well i am a mom and some of those tips like the baking soda as a deodorizer i knew i use that trick all the time when i am out of regular carpet freshner, and the ring cleaner idea i have tried before. But i never would have though of the lemons for a disposal, i will be trying that one out this week. your mom has to really neat tips.

Cindy said...

for nasty bathtubs (soap scum, not rust) dump baking soda into your (wet) tub - I used like over half a box - let sit for like 10 minutes. Spray vinegar onto baking soda and scrub with a scrub brush. I let it sit after I scrubbed it for a few minutes, then scrubbed some more and it came off so easily! Foaming shower cleaner did NOTHING (and I scrubbed hard!) but this took the soap scum off with almost no effort!

Anonymous said...

You CANNOT get pregnant before you come to Chicago, after that feel free to LOL! =D