Thursday, April 19, 2012

Trying to swing into Wife-dom

I am trying to practice getting into the swing of wife-dom. I have 3 months left until I get to join the club! I hope you girls I talk to that are married are making sure I am doing the right thing, I don't wanna end up a spinster, married, lots, of kid, a bottle of vodka, and 10 cats.

So my first step into wife-dom is cooking! i need some recipes that are easy but quick as well!
my love for pickles I have decided to try this

Does that not look amazing!!! I just think I want something Pink in my mouth...besides that


How about this!

I just have an issue with any and all vegetables but maybe if thy were smothered in cheese and pickles I could stomach it

Source: via Kristina on Pinterest


But for reals this is what I could have for dinner everyday

With Ice Cream

and this for a side
Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

I wouldn't mind licking this man-sicle for dinner, do you know how skinny I would get?! How many calories beads off of him? That would be my maximum calorie intake.

My half ass Thursday, but recipes coming my way would be amazing!

teach me how to be a wifey!


Amber said...

the dessert looks amazing... and a side of Beckham... yes please :)

I LOVE to cook... I have so many recipe blogs that I check, and Pinterest is heaven-sent!

I think you will rock Wife-dom, girl! Coming from a vodka-hoarding divorcee (who *might* be taking a second chance at being a wifey)... you've got this!

Amie said...

Hmmm my biggest marriage advice: if it's important, make sure you're both listening and communicate it as clear as possible.
I cannot begin to tell you how many fights my husband and I have had just from simple miscommunication (on both our parts)! The more careful we are about talking to each other clearly and making our points explicit, the better things turn out.
Also always be willing to compromise on little things...but if something is really important to one of you, don't compromise. You need to accomplish anything important to you or you will regret it and/or hold it against your significant other.
Good luck :)

★ JASMINE ★ {BarbieBombshell} said...

thanks lovely for the comment! unfortunately i'm to admit i don't really pay much attention to what's in my makeup products! LOL

my skin is super smooth and i find the stuff i use doesn't do too terible on my pores!

maybe i'm just a little lucky that way? i've heard of arbonne but havent found someone who supplies it and to be quite honest i'm super picky with my 'routine' as i find every single time i've gone to change it up - i instantly regret it and end up going back to my every day favorites!

Taylor said...


Annabelle said...

I'm emailing you one of the easiest recipes ever right now!!!

Holly said...

side of beckham. stat.